How to Wear a Suit Without a Tie

It is usually up wearing a suit with a tie. However, this can sometimes give too formal look and / or not be pleasant if heat. So we decided to give you some tips to successfully wear a suit without a tie.

On what occasion it is important to wear a tie with a suit?
Some occasions require you, explicitly or not, wear a tie. You must determine how wearing the tie is essential.
This can be for example the port of costume-tie to go to work. If there is a written mention in the rules, we can do nothing for you if not sympathize in July. If it is just a habit from you and you would be more comfortable at times, check around you if some people wear their costume without necktie. If this is the case, do not deprive you especially.
Also, for opportunities outside the office as business meals, family celebrations (weddings, christenings), romantic dinner, it usually best to wear a formal dress to which the tie is a room almost indispensable.
Finally, though, if you do not want to wear tie with your suit, be confident in your choice. If you are uncomfortable, we automatically ask what you have and you will be analyzed from head to toe.
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How to wear your suit without a tie?

Number of open buttons:

In case you do not wear tie with your suit, do not close all the buttons on your shirt. This is just weird and we will wonder what’s missing in your outfit. Do not hesitate to open more buttons.
The number of buttons to open your shirt will depend on several criteria. Firstly the number of buttons on your suit jacket. If it possesses little (1 or 2) you can afford to open more buttons than if it has lots of buttons (which are therefore above). Indeed, if you do not follow this rule, you will give the effect of being cramped in your outfit.
We must also consider the degree of relaxation that you want to give your outfit. Identify therefore well before the occasion on which you want to wear your costume. Indeed, a suit worn without a tie sends a message of relaxation and daring.

Cervical allure:

If you follow our advice above, you will not will close all buttons of your shirt when you wear your suit without a tie. So there is a good chance that the tips of your shirt are a little loose. Or, if you are in this case, your pace will not be treated and you will have less effect.
If you want to remedy this, some tricks available to you. You can use the passes are whales that are small metal parts, plastic, pearl, wood, …. This small tool fits inside the tips of the shirt in order to gain strength and support. If you have the budget, you can perform dry cleaning in order to have a more or less starched fabric. You can also use starch directly on your shirt to give more rigidity to the fabric itself.

Vest / t-shirt hidden:

If the undershirt of the port is very controversial, it has all the same benefits. In fact, it helps protect the shirt, isolated by absorbing perspiration and also to allow a better fit of the shirt .
However, this is not a reason to let him appear. The vest must remain hidden in order to keep a distinguished look in all circumstances. So if you decide to wear a suit without a tie and thus to open one or more buttons, drop the t-shirt round neck and turn to a T-shirt more or less deep v-neck with the number of buttons you want to open.
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Other accessories:

Wearing a suit without a tie does not mean you can not have an elegant look. There are many other accessories that can replace your tie

  • Cover: The cover is generally little used while it is very elegant.Choose a cotton or linen handkerchief (do not associate a linen handkerchief with a linen suit) with a different color of your suit. Play with contrasts in colors and fabrics.
  • Cufflinks: They bring a very refined side giving a gentlemanly pace.Choose them so sober, or delve into the affairs of your father / grandfather for sentimental and historical side.
  • Watch: If you do not have the accessories listed above, a watch can quite do the trick.As for your clothes in general, make sure your cooking shows are the same color as the cook of your shoes and your belt. If your watch is metal, give the metal of your belt.
  • Bracelets: Finally, you can also wear such bracelets bracelet or bracelets tend to perfect your view.

If you are unsure about the port or not a tie with your suit but have decided not to wear, show that you have confidence in your choice and you are perfectly comfortable. Remember to choose a perfectly tailored suit for you, you were wearing or not a tie. And finally, your overall look neat by adopting a stylish hairstyle for example.