How to Wear Fishnet Stockings

It is not always easy to wear fishnet stockings, without the risk of seeming vulgar eyes of others.
The important thing to do is figure out if you really like this model of socks, because if they do not, it makes no sense to make an effort to wear them if you feel not comfortable.There are different types of fishnet stockings, yet many still ask many questions: fortunately that long since designers are trying to clear this prejudice on the catwalk, matching fishnet stockings leaders at all vulgar and fanciful, so as to help even those who are unacquainted with this garment to match it correctly.
So here are some useful tips to learn how to wear fishnet stockings, without making errors of male style:

Choose the model that best suits your needs

Usually when we talk about fishnet stockings we think of the classic black fishnet stocking, but you should know that there are several versions of this model: the versions tights, hold-ups and sock garters; and various network sizes: a large mesh or smaller mesh, the latter also called micro network, the most recommended, because you can wear it at any age, it has a restraining effect, is entirely elastic and view from afar the network is imperceptible, so it will seem you wear a normal sock.

Always shave before putting on socks

It ‘s very important to always shave before putting on socks, means specially if a network, the hairs sprouting from the tops are hardly elegant. But if you do not have the time to do it, I tell you a secret, opaque tights worn under the flesh.

Choose the right color

Although there fishnet stockings of different colors, the most suitable are definitely those flesh-colored for daytime look, casual or bon ton, and black ones, which are most appropriate for the evening with a casual outfit or punk rock.

Wear the right clothes

Avoid wearing the fishnet stockings and a miniskirt with high heels, are not exactly the height of elegance! Better to opt for a skirt to the knee or slightly longer, combined with a jacket or other sober clothing or some stylish pants that reach the ankle, like the ones you wear to the office. Fishnet stockings, in fact, make your full decidedly sensual!
The clothes must be simple, without too many patterns or prints that will divert attention from the stockings, which instead should be the highlight of the outfit.

Try to appear more sober can

Do not overdo your makeup, jewelry and other accessories too gaudy. If you just can not help it, follow the make-up trends of the moment that recall a natural make-up on and wear pastel colors for example pearls, perfect to make you look more chic.

Wear them with the closed shoes

When wearing fishnet stockings is important to match them to the closed shoes or boots will make your look more elegant and sexy at the same time. The sandals and open-toe shoes, however, will look like your look shabbier.

Match them to other stockings

Try to wear some solid colored socks, under the network, choose it a bright color, like navy blue or forest green, to create a contrast that’s happy even with the rest of the outfit. If you dare you can also choose the most brilliant colors provided worn with a black dress!
In addition to colorful socks you can also wear the Parisian or leg warmers over her fishnet stockings.