How to Wear Jeans Skirt with Coturno

There are some looks that are suitable for the winter days, and for you woman who likes this, wearing a jeans skirt with cotton can be an excellent option.
Even though both the skirt and the coturno are timeless, by which I mean that they can be worn in any season, even so, the preference for wearing those combinations is more for cold days.
Then you can even wear a pair of pantyhose under your skirt and your favorite cowhide model, because after all there are many.
These looks are extremely urban because they are full of style and personality, and are used especially by girls and younger women.
There are many people today who do not care about what goes into fashion, and end up making their own fashion, and end up unintentionally tossing trends. And the result is like this from the combination of the cowhide with the skirt.
For you to wear a jeans skirt with cotton, there are many ways, and you can choose what you like, between making a look more romantic, more cool, fashion, rocker, urban casual, anyway, your way, after all person reflects a little of your personality in what you wear, or the way you dress.
And this can be a constant or still vary according to the mood, anyway, it’s very interesting.
So, let’s go to some examples of looks, if you want the rocker style, you could wear a short skirt in jeans following simplyyellowpages, a cool t-shirt or regatinha and an open plaid shirt overlaid, and on your feet, of course, your coturno.
Whether you want a more fun style, bet on round skirt models, combined with a cropped, for example, and a colorful coturno feet, is a charm. But there are other combinations of jeans skirt with cotton.
And if you want a romantic style, bet on skirts with babadinhos, among other combinations of jeans skirt with coturno, ok?