How to Wear: Pleated Skirt

The pleated skirt can be considered a set of pleats. They are also known as plissé (pronounced plissê) and come with everything this fall/winter.She has appeared a lot in street fashion blogs, from short to long.Not only skirt, but dresses too.In today’s post, I focus only on the skirts, well known in the 1920s and 1950s. The pleated skirt can have pleats in two ways:sewing the fabric or being pressed and creating creases with the heat.
The pleated skirt is very feminine. Do you feel cooler as you walk and feel the wind fluttering your skirt? We feel very light, powerful indeed! The skirt also brings elegance and appreciates various body shapes, by lengthening the silhouette. As the ruffle makes volume, try to wear skirts with a more fluid fabric such as silk, chiffon, satin or knit to seat better on the body, suggested by EZINERELIGION.
Some sizes of this skirt bring a strong preppy/collegial inspiration, especially those shorter skirts with plaid patterns. If you like this style, wear the skirt with more accented blazers and cardigans, combining colors such as white, navy blue, burgundy, gray and brown. Just build on the old Gossip Girl girls’uniforms!
If you do not like this style a lot, I suggest a very different combination. There are pieces that update the composition and leave it more stripped, like sweaters and T-shirts (that can be used both inside and outside the skirt). Sweaters and flowing shirts, heavier lace and coats enrich the outfit. On the feet, as winter asks, wear ankle boots, sneakers, boots, oxfords, round-toed scarpees, sandals in strips or boots. The pleated skirts also match a lot with pantyhose!What’s up?Will they join?Lia has already joined!
Where to Buy:A skirt of this style is easily assembled by a seamstress.The good thing is that you can choose the fabric, the texture, the stamp and the trim yourself.But for those who prefer to buy ready, Zara and the Farm have pretty models in the macaws.Look also at Espaço Fashion and Eclectic.

1. Pleated Skirt with T-Shirt

2. Pleated Skirt with Smooth Blouse

3. Pleated skirt with lace top

4. Pleated skirt with flowing shirt

5. Pleated Skirt with Sweater

6. Pleated Skirt with Blazer

7. Pleated skirt with cardigan

8. Pleated skirt with jacket

9. Pleated Pleated Skirt