How to Wear The Leather Jacket?

The leather jacket is one of those classics, timeless pieces of our wardrobe.
But still have to choose his leather jacket, and do matcher with the trends this year.¬†Go, you do it full of tricks and tips for choosing the jacket that suits us best!Let’s go!

Choosing a leather jacket

aka The rules DATABASE of wearing leather jacket ūüėČ
-The leather jacket has to be perfectly adjusted to the shoulders¬†View a leather jacket, whatever the model, the shoulder seam that defines indeed the shoulder arm (and Vui haha!) Should be well aligned with the end of your shoulder.¬†If sewing falls into the inside of the shoulder, this will give the impression that you are all narrow, and conversely, if the seam is after the limit of your shoulder, effect ‘sloping shoulders “guaranteed … No glam at all !
-The sleeves of the jacket to be adjusted-they too¬†often, buying a leather jacket, you think “ah, but when I put a sweater underneath, I’ll be too tight, take off … more! . “Yesh, attention, nay DANGER !!¬†-P In such cases, the model is not suitable, try another, perhaps a type of bombers would be more appropriate to put a sweater underneath, or other mark the cut will be less close.¬†And remember: the leather is a material that softens dramatically, if you force putting too big a sweater underneath, you will deform, and finally, your nice jacket, so if it’s too cold today to put your sweater in Ard√®che sheep wool under the leather, put it tomorrow.
-Your leather jacket must be chosen according to your morphology ( see my morpho-types  ). See our tips for choosing a coat here  leather jacket There are all shapes and colors, so choose the one that will put you more value;
-Keep in mind that leather jacket holding a masculinizes¬†So more leather is thicker, the male effect is present, which can be superb as completely missed!¬†Do not fall into the too-much, to be avoided: the masculine look jeans + large type leather jacket, basketball or caterpillar, shirt, leather … Or the rebellious look too rebellious leather jacket + shirt death head ripped jeans + + doc martens … We go smoothly, girls, glamor is in the nuances;

What leather jacket, for whom?

The chilly
For you, no question of forgetting the winter sweaters before reaching 20 ¬į C!¬†The best option to wear a nice leather jacket while remaining well wrapped, is to opt for a little bomber jacket with hood or collar.¬†Warm but with style please!
The glamorous
A snug denim¬†jacket, no frills, just the effect of sexy leather rebelliser an outfit a little too wise… On these models, dare color, red, camel, beige, gray still blue and yellow agree very well with spring colors.¬†A tip though, if you have broad shoulders these types of leather are your best allies, prefer a model “cascade” open.
For those broad shoulders and / or generous forms
for you, the best is the flagship model of this year (lucky !!) waterfall jacket!¬†In short, a jacket with a collar that draws the eye to the chest (not on your shoulders so) and preferably open, the alternative being to a large scarf shawl to “break” cutting shoulders, soften the silhouette.
And for the rockers;
black, studded, zipped for rebels leather, pastel or colored for more fun, the perfecto is eaten all the sauces!