How to Wear: Women's Everyday Wear

The feminine suit is part of the life of those who need to work with social clothing every day, but today it became a fashion option to walk! In 2017 collections of brands such as Balmain and Balenciaga, he gained prominence and came conquering also with it girls looks. And although the term is not the most correct, since the “original” suit is composed of three pieces, including the vest, today it is already popularly known to call so the only set of jacket and social pants in the same color and fabric.
Although it is an originally formal and serious outfit, the suit can be a lot more funky than it looks! It is possible to assemble casual looks with the set, using accessories and shoes to balance the sobriety. For example, sporty or fun t-shirts are good options, along with sneakers and other casual shoes. The outfit also looks great with girlie pieces such as cropped, lacy top and low-cut sweaters – they bring a cool feminine touch to this commonly masculine look.
Another option, for those who do not want all the elegance and formality of the suit, is to choose different sets of the usual black! How about a colorful suit? Both in vibrant shades like pink as well as gray and blue, it looks great and more jovial. There are even printed trousers that are more like ordinary little things and fun alternatives. To close, I also took inspiration from the summer version of the suit:jacket and shorts or bermuda! You like?

1. Colorful suit

2. Black Suit

White Suit

4. Printed Suit

5. Suit with shorts