HTC One M9

LlabTooFeR, besides being a valuable leaker, always well informed on the happenings of the taiwanese manufacturer, is also a developer who pays special attention to smartphones HTC, developing special custom ROMs. Try new tools software releases prior to the opening of the
Today comes the new ROM MaximusHD update for HTC One M9 passing to version 6.0. Anew base 2.10.401.1 with update characterised by the combination between Android 5.1 and custom UI Sense 7.0, as the previous 2.07.401.1 5.0 version of integrated MaximusHD.
The main new feature in the official changelog includes:

  • 10.401.1 base
  • Android 5.1
  • Performance improvements
  • Stability improvements
  • Improvement of the autonomy
  • Camera improvements
  • Mail Exchange mod updated
  • OEM app updated
  • Bugfix

It is not yet clear whether the base will be the same 2.10.401.1 integrated into the official update to Android HTC One 5.1 M9, waited for the next few weeks, but waiting to find out, most passionate users of modding can proceed to download and install the new release of MaximusHD. For download please visit the official website of the developer, while for more information about the task of modding, you can refer to the appropriate section of our forum.

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