HTC S740 Rose in the Test

There is no black roses, but they are the dream of every breeder. This is reflected also in the black, the many dark red roses such as Prince Noir, black jade or Negrette on behalf of wear. The PDA-phone HTC S740, however, carries the rose in the name – and it’s black.

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This suggests that the 449 euro expensive device is something special. What however doesn’t show him at first glance: the S740 is narrow like a cell phone, the size of the display and the typical numeric keypad give the impression that the HTC is a normal mobile phone.
But the height’s then somewhat to very bears up with 18 mm for a cell phone. The reason is the QWERTY keyboard, which can be pushed to see display and mobile keys out. For this the S740 as one of the few on Windows Mobile 6.1-based HTC phones dispenses with a touch screen.

The S740 Rose is so delivered with the standard version of the operating system from Seattle, is overall slightly neater than the touch screen version “Professional”.

Among the advantages are the one hand ease of use and practical features such as a profile selection, which is combined with some other commonly used settings under the heading of “Quick commands”.

Waiver of “TouchFlo” surface

For the simpler operation you must forgo but also some benefits, about comprehensive search capabilities of the touch screen operating system and click the finger-to-use interface developed by HTC “TouchFlo” that makes the Windows Mobile operating.

As for HTC usual, bears but also the S740 many trains of the corporate identity known by the touch models, for example, the back designed with diamond-like facets or the informative “home”-menu.

Under the pretty hood, the rose holds a fine trim package which can be missing anything essential. A cameraphone not is there with its 3.2-megapixel fixed-focus camera, but it offers many other amenities: so the quad band GSM device in addition to UMTS with HSDPA up to 7.2 Mbit/s WiFi and Bluetooth support. Even a GPS receiver is on board.

SIM card: An unusual space

Occasionally looking for orientation, can ask at an appropriate data plan for the way the already installed Google maps, nothing in the way is also an upgrade with an onboard navigation system.

The necessary memory card – memory offers 235 megabytes available space – finds such as the SIM card into a special flap behind the display space, what is an unusual solution.

The brackets seem not quite as solid as the rest of the device, but also not too often operate under normal circumstances. Works relatively well has the radio while receiving the main Stuttgart regional channels which be said not every mobile phone by themselves.

The mobile keyboard is very handy in everyday use. Also the QWERTY keyboard can enjoy sophisticated PDA-phone users with a penchant for the written communication.

Typical good endurance

Only a larger display with more than the usual class 320 x 240 pixels spoiled customers would still want resolution – but small compromises are always required in compact PDA phones.

For the display not too strongly sucks the battery, a typical endurance of just under nine hours is really good; heavy use of UMTS, the battery goes very fast in the knee. In the reception and acoustic remained, however, on top the S740 and impressed with top services.

Bottom line: So the elegant S740 Rose not only for themselves is a good choice. It represents also an enrichment of the HTC program that now provides three different control concepts in the top-ten list of PDA-phones with the touch HD, touch Pro and the S740.

Technical data and test results

Operating system Windows Mobile 6.1
Processor / clock speed (MHz) Qualcomm MSM7225 / 528
internal memory (MB) 235
Memory card slot MicroSD
Phone / qwert keyboard / touchscreen / /
Battery type / variable Li-ion /.
USB host / client / /
GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 / / /
HSDPA / HSUPA 7.2 /.
Wi-Fi / standard / 802 .11b / g
… Headset profile / hands-free profiles /
… OBEX / SIM access-profiles /
Type transfl. TFT
Resolution (pixels) 320 x 240
Number of colors 65536
Diagonal (inches) 2.4
Call list / ringing tones of groups of callers
Brokering / withhold /
Situation profiles: Number / flight mode 3 /.
Handsfree / mute /
Contact management
ANZ. Telephone number / Email / address 12 / 3 / 3
Image / notes field / date of birth / /
Appointment management
Day / week / month view / /
weekly / annual events /
Notes /… typed / ink… /… Outlook-sync / / /
To do list / with date /
Sync: Windows / Mac / SyncML / /
Look at Word / edit /
Consider Excel / edit /
PDF Viewer / calculator / voice memo / /
Email / POP3 / IMAP / /
Attachments send / receive /
SMS / MMS / fax / /
Web / frames / Java / Java scripting / / /
Home / Favorites /
Audio format: MP3 / WMA / M4A / AAC / / /
Video player / full screen display /
Video format: 3GP / MP4 / WMV / /
Integrated camera / resolution (mega pixels) / 3.2
GPS receiver
Dimensions (H x W x D in mm) 117 x 44 x 18
Weight (grams) 140
Endurance D power (hours) 4:46
Stamina E-Netz (hours) 5:44
Endurance UMTS (hours) 3:00
type. Endurance (hours) 4:14
Standby time days (days) 13
standard radiation factor / SAR value (-/ W / kg) -0.74 / 0,390
Endurance (max. 115) satisfactory (78)
Endurance conversation / operation (80) 55
Endurance standby (35) 23
Facilities (max. 175) satisfactory (122)
System (15) 5
Scope of delivery (10) 4
Display (30) 19
Connectivity (20) 14
Phone functions (15) 12
Messaging (15) 14
PIM (15) 12
Office (10) 10
Web browser (10) 10
Camera (10) 5
Music and video (10) 9
Features (5) 1
Navigation (10) 7
Handling (max 125) good (94)
Manageability (30) 22
User interface (70) 55
Processing quality (20) 14
Documentation / support (5) 3
Measurements (max. 85) good (68)
Transmission and reception quality GSM (33) 25
Transmission and reception quality UMTS (17) 12
Acoustic measurements send (17.5) 17
Acoustic measurements receiving (17.5) 14
CONNECT sentence maximum 500 points satisfactory (362)
tested in issue: 04 / 09


Endurance talk (35)
Persistence display mode (65)
System (15)
Scope of delivery (10)
Display (40)
Connectivity (15)
Phone features (10)
Messaging (15)
PIM (15)
Office (5)
Web browser (15)
Camera (15)
Music and video (10)
Navigation (5)
Ease of handling
User interface
Processing quality
Transmission and reception quality GSM (30)
Transmission and reception quality UMTS (30)
Acoustic measurements send (15)
Acoustic measurements receiving (15)
tested in issue: 04/09
CONNECT sentence maximum 500 points