Hublot Fashion Show Meets Twelve Thirteen Jewelry

Hublot fashion show meets Twelve Thirteen Jewelry: The high class jewellery label twelve twelve jewelry invited during Berlin fashion week to a very special event! On the 17.01.2015 collection took place in The Pearl Club in Berlin the presentation of current jewellery city attitude, and many prominent guests spent this evening in the spirit of solidarity with the trendy jewelry label.
Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, keychains were presented and explore our current Colliers, jewelry collection now online. The rush on the rooting carpet and the press-wall, was very large as to expect because there was double cause for celebration. In addition to the new jewelry collection, the new event series “Jewelry Night Out”, with the twelve thirteen in the future will be present at fashion week started this evening. “Luxury that combines, meets at parties, that you will not forget” – the Berlin clubbing scene may be curious, soon, twelve thirteen series will realise a party.

Twelve Thirteen and Hublot Fashion Show

Another highlight of this evening was the fusion of two exclusive brands: in addition to twelve thirteen Swiss watchmaker HUBLOT showed their remarkable luxury watches. Hublot is already since 1980 for exceptional design, technical perfection and ground-breaking innovations. Together with the new collection of twelve thirteen, a spectacular show was staged at the heart of both brands in the same rhythm beat – to the delight of all present guests. Twelve thirteen also held a raffle with exclusive and high-priced prizes, including exclusive bracelets and necklaces. The proceeds were donated to the children’s Hospice Rainbow country in Düsseldorf.

Some Impressions of the Show – All Current Trends

On the catwalk, the twelve thirteen were presented pieces of jewellery in combination with exclusive Hublot watches. The prominent audience marveled at the new twelve thirteen creations enthusiastically. This twelve thirteen jewelry every year tries to organise a legendary fashion show and to be close to the customers, to get new inspiration.