Humble Bundle Is Here Now for Android 3

After the success in following the first and Second Edition, is here the third wave of games of hand of the Humble Bundle for Android. On this occasion we have the great game Fieldrunners, BIT. TRIP BEAT, SpaceChem and Uplinc, more Spirits gift If we overcome the average payment.
And is that the Humble Bundle lets you take the batch of games you see above for the price as your choice, as well as its compatibility on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux desktop operating systems. In case outside little, if we put at least one dollar we can access them, from Windows and Mac, from the Steam gaming platform. Finally you can choose how much of our money is intended to developers, organizers or charity.
The games in question are Fieldrunners, BIT. TRIP BEAT, SpaceChem and Uplinc, obtaining the delicate Spirits if we overcome approximately 6 dollars from established media. Time, and having been released this afternoon, the Humble Bundle for Android 3 has already managed to sell more than 30,000 packages, raising nearly $200,000. And they are still nearly 14 days until 30 August, in the absence of the sixth game that usually add last week’s offer.