If You Are Going to Upgrade Your Nexus 7 5.0 Android Lollipop, Beware: Emerging Issues

If you have not yet updated your Nexus 7 Lollipop, you probably want to know that some users who have already done so are finding a very unpleasant problem: the tablet does not start. After installation, without any error message, the device stays locked in a loop with the Google logo.
It is difficult to make an estimate of how many users have been affected but both Twitter and Reddit There are a number of people complaining on the problem. Apparently occurs in all models (2012 and 2013 as well as variants with or without SIM slot) and currently ASUS nor Google have said anything about.
What is the reason why he fails the tablet? According to some users the problem it could be that there is an error in the installation process to mount local flash memory and there that occurs the loop that prevents the Nexus 7 to start correctly. You can see the Recovery of a damaged tablet under these lines to see the error in question.
Now well, is an error from Google to serve an update that causes this bug either a problem by ASUS with the hardware? At the moment neither has commented on this failure but taking into account that there are a good number of affected hopefully that they will not take to fix it.
Does solution at the moment? Change to the tablet plate. In this way we will achieve start the tablet normally but, obviously, we will have to buy it and install it ourselves. Our recommendation: wait to you get Android 5.1 (should arrive shortly) and stay tuned to the news. Probably with this new version the error is solved.