Inflatable Tents: Instantly Ready For Camping

There are trends in all areas. The so-called Trendspotters or Trendvorhersager your profession have made predictions of trends. Also in the field of tents, there are trends. The trend can refer to the use of color, but also on building. A few years ago, we saw the first pop up tents. You throw the tent in the air and the tent work automatically open. Within a few seconds, you are ready to camp. The trend this year is the inflatable tent. What is so great about this? We explain it to you.

Tent without poles
Once you know from, how you must build a tent, which includes bars, it is not so difficult to build a pole tent. You’re not too handy, an inflatable tent is the solution for you. You won’t have to worry about missing or broken rods, because there are no bars at all! An inflatable tent, all rods have been replaced by air hoses. You inflate compressor the air chambers with the supplied hand pump or with a special pump. These air chambers are very strong and much stronger compared with fiber glass poles. And if you would, somehow manage to break an air Chamber, then can simply replace them. Such a situation can be compared to a tube of your bicycle.
You do simply gain and loss
Another (great) advantage of inflatable tent is the Assembly and disassembly. Where you need minimum 2 persons for the development in the construction of a ‘normal’ tunnel tent, you can build easily alone an inflatable tent in no time. And because an inflatable tent contains no rods, such a tent is lighter and thus easier to transport.
House brand
Our 2016 collection comprises a wide variety of inflatable tents. Is for everyone something, such as various family tents in polyester and cotton/polyester. Lightweight caravan awnings and tents for the smaller Campingbüsse.
The most inflatable tents are equipped with separate air chambers. You inflate the air chambers separately based on the valves are located at the bottom of the tent. In some tents, building is extra easy because all with each other are connected to the outer tent, the ground plane and the inner tent. At the Miami 6, the flagship of our collection, all air chambers, with the exception of are connected with each other, of the canopy, so that you can blow up the tent at once.
Advantages and disadvantages at a glance
Of course you need to decide in particular, what is right for you. We list the advantages and disadvantages for you:
Advantages: Quick and easy to build, easier when compared to ‘normal’ tunnel tents, no more broken, damaged or missing rods air chambers move with the wind, making them less exposed and finally storm and wind have grown better.
Cons: The pump is rolled up in the canvas, resulting in that the pack size is slightly larger. Inflatable tents are therefore less suited to a cycling holiday, but more for a family holiday. Because the outer tent, the ground plane and the inner tents all with each other are connected, it is not possible to separate the tent into multiple packages. Thus, packing the car for the holidays might be slightly more difficult. In hot weather, the air chambers extend. At temperatures above 25 ° c, we recommend our clients to inflate the air chambers no higher than 0.4/0.5 bar, because otherwise the pressure in the Chambers is too large.
Range of inflatable tents the Obelink House brand
Tunnel tent for 2/4 persons:

  • Cadiz 500
  • Summer 4 easy air

Large tunnel tents:

  • Cadiz 1000
  • Stockholm 6 easy air
  • Miami 6 easy air (this cotton is model from mid to late may available, but in our showroom can already look at it).

Caravan awnings:

  • Vancouver easy air
  • Hartland 280 easy air
  • Hartland 390 easy air
  • Hartland 390 Deluxe

Bus awnings:

  • Palma XL easy air

During the course of the season, we definitely expect even an inflatable little tent and an inflatable bus awning. In addition, we have various models of the brands of Kampa and Nobi in the range.
Personally, I like very much the trend of inflatable tents. Do you already have experience with such a tent? We are very curious because inflatable tents for us are also fairly new. Do you know any more advantages or disadvantages? We love to hear it!