IOS 8 Comes about a Week

The 17. September comes the latest overhaul for iOS operating system’s final release on the street.
On Apple’s giant news conference yesterday could Tim Cook and company in addition to some new hardware also tell that iOS 8 will be to retrieve the devices now running iOS, the 17. September, so in a week.
In addition, we were also unveiled, who can look forward to iOS 8, and it is all the iPhone from the iPhone 4S and later, it is the iPad 2, 3, 4, Air, Mini and Mini 2, and so is the 5. generation of iPod Touch. And then comes the iPhone 6 of course with iOS 8.
We have gathered a little information about the main features of iOS 8 in our overview article about the new update, but some of the highlights is that Apple will forge closer ties between the mobile and stationary units, just as there will be the possibility of third-party keyboards like the popular SwiftKey.