iPhone 6: Error in Camera

It seems that a technical error could put the camera in the iPhone 6 out of operation.
The new iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus 6 has barely hit store shelves before the one disaster story, replacing the other.
We have heard of Bend-gate and iOS8-gate, and now comes Camera-gate.
It allowed for more iPhone 6 models have errors in technique, which causes the camera to freeze and go in black, writes several users in the discussion forum at our site.
Users report iPhone 6, where the screen goes completely black and either freezes, or devices that works periodically with purple streaks across the screen.
Multiple users writes that they have approached in the Apple Store, where staff have tested the phone and exchanged it, since there allegedly was supposed to be an error on the “logic board” the phone motherboard with electronics.
How widespread the problem is we do not know, but if you have bought an iPhone 6 with this error, we would love to hear your story.