It Illuminates Your Face

Currently, the majority of women have little time for makeup and skin care
. However, they want to be beautiful and radiant. Recalled that the makeup trend is naturalness without charging too, is simply highlight with color and brightness that more you like your face. Experts recommend you a quick and easy technique for the lighting of your face.
You have to take into account that a skin clean and hydrated always looks better. Follows a routine of cleaning in the morning and in the evening in three simple steps: use a cleansing milk or cleansing. Then apply a toner to close the pores and finally, use a moisturizer. Once you’ve already performed this procedure, you can start with makeup.
Process begins
Applies the makeup base that is more natural to your skin tone and blend it with the ring finger, which is that they have less force. If you have dark circles you can illuminate the area with a pinkish tone corrector before makeup. Toca now fix the bottom of makeup: do it by applying loose powder with a big brush for the entire face, including eyelids and lips.
It illuminates your face with Rouge. The intended tone is the same as you have when you blush you. For the summer, you can use colors with brightness that will give lots of light and color. You can also use bronzing powders for a touch of Sun on your skin. The ideal area to apply it is the part of the cheekbone that most excels when you smile.
Eyebrows, eyes and eyelashes
To make your eyebrows, outline them with a brush and dust shadow. You’ll look eyebrows precious and more natural than if using a pencil. Tattooed eyebrows tend to look with less pigment with the passage of time, if this is your case, also can retouch it with shadows Brown following the design of the false eyelashes featured on
It is time of the eyes. It applies a clear all eyelid shade, since it will give luminosity and brightness. It outlines your eyes with shadow powder and brush. You can use the range of colors you want, and you can also mix them with brown to deepen the dark pigment. The third shadow that you are using is that will give you the final touch in the eyes just on the edge of the eyelid. It is very important that you difumines the color to look always natural.
You apply your mascara favorite, if you don’t have it, you choose a black color to highlight the expression of your eyes. Choose the model of the brush that best suited to your needs, for example, if you like to make your eyelashes look thick, brush should be thick, on the contrary, for a more natural look using the thinnest.
A final touch
For your lips the ideal color is one that looks good even when you’re wearing the washed face. You can use a lip liner that is the same color of lipstick. Don’t forget to finish with a shine that will give a perfect finish.
It is advisable to apply water with a sprayer to keep the skin moist all day. In addition, the makeup will look as if you’ll apply. Remember that it is very easy to feel sure of yourself and highlight the beauty in a short time.