iwatch-Apps Already on the Way

Although Apple’s upcoming smartwatch perhaps first can be purchased from next year, so have some app developers have already started.
It is strongly expected that Apple will introduce a iWatch along with iPhone 6 tomorrow, but who can still go for long before it will be able to be purchased because of difficulties with production. This is despite, as have some large developers have already been given the tools to create apps for the upcoming iWatch.
9to5Mac.com writes that some of the big social networks already have got an early version of the iWatch’ SDK, which stands for Software Develeoper Kit, so the tools to develop software for the iWatch.
Apple has previously used the same procedure, so they have some apps to show off when the product is to be displayed.
According to the our site source was to be one of the early recipients of this SDK be Facebook, which should also work to optimize its app for iOS 8.
Speculation also in whether Apple surely will give iWatch’ software ample opportunity to integrate with iOS 8 and its new possibilities for, among other things, managing the home and keep track of the user’s physical condition.