Kairosoft Shows That It Is Still Good with The Sushi Spinnery

After the stale taste that left me Pocket Academy as an indefinable title level both playable design, level was a little crestfallen with a Kairosoft which, while it continues to make good games, has failed to make a great wonder from Epic Astro Story, and far was level obtained with his Summit Hot Springs Story. Luckily with The Sushi Spinnery They demonstrate that they know to be in a good place and regain lost confidence, but without making a magnanimous work.
The Sushi Spinnery we are perhaps one of the most complex games of Kairosoft, especially on the issue of the management of products, not to mention the management of space, that baby Hot Springs story, but take it to another level. We should do circuits of sushi to mount a sushi restaurant where dishes rotate and how to distribute travel is important.
We will also have to participate in sushi contests, where should that take into account the age and sex of the judges to get the perfect combination of sushi to win. All of this while continuing to invest in the local to make it one of the best sushi in the world thanks to the facilities to last and to few quality chefs.
Kairosoft has again shown that you focusing on make a fluent and understandable game for everyone

The Sushi Spinnery

  • Version of Android: Since 1.6
  • Developer: Kairosoft
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: €3.60
  • Category: Games