Kids and Technology: the Jokes Are Not as Before

I am of the last century. Yes, I was born in the 20TH century, in the remote prehistoric period of the internet. At that time, a children’s toy was a ball, doll and stroller, not laptop, tablet and phone. We played hide and seek, tag and playing dodgeball instead of bothering to post selfie on social networks. The technology was the big thing, and the kids would like to spend a few minutes in front of the television, playing with friends and cycling was a lot more fun. I can say that I was much happier and that we were a child.

The Arrival Of Technology Changed Everything?

The technology has been sneaking up on me and entered into people’s lives. Nowadays, it’s easier to find a child run on a cell phone than a that tie your shoes properly or to know to check the time on the clock in the kitchen. Their parents desperate for moments of quiet, hoping to hypnotize her cubs for at least a short time, they end up letting the kids be seduced by all the charm of the canvases, and so will collaborating to the strengthening of a generation that is obsessed and increasingly dependent on technology.
The main excuse from parents is that they want their children to be disposed of, after all, “dealing with the technology it is important these days. Children and technology, currently, are inseparable.
Yes, it is important for the child to learn to have contact with technology. But and learn to relate to other people and with the real world, it is important? Be able to comply with the next, feel empathy and know how to handle their own feelings, matter? Grow an adult secure, full and accomplished, what does it matter? If you had to choose between making your child a child better prepared for the world or more skilled when it comes to dealing with technological apparatuses, what would you choose?

The First Contact With A Computer

I was having contact with a first computer with old age — what today is considered a huge delay. In those days of dial-up internet, I haven’t seen a lot of funny, and thought she just served well to adults. I’d rather use my time with my friends, reading books and comic books and using my color pencil.
Today, the children are exposed earlier to the charms of the bright screens, and for what books and comic books, if you can read it online? For a brand new notebook and crayons of all color, if you can play in your own coloring computer or tablet?
Don’t get me wrong, I love technology. I don’t open my cell phone, my laptop is my working tool and the other day I put up on an e-reader. But the childhood I had away from technology helped me build what I am today, and I love to talk looking in the eye of my friends, I like to sit in the yard to look like the sky is beautiful, enjoyed listening to the sound of bugs living in my backyard—was on account of my free that I know my real life is worth more than the life I’ve created on the internet.
Kids today are experts in technology, but are having to deal with the consequences of physical inactivity, gaining more weight easily and are more fragile health, as it does not detach from the front of the computer. The lack of social interaction makes the little they don’t know very well how to deal with the pain and the suffering of others—they are changing the real world by virtual, and even are able to handle it.

And The Parents In This Story, Where Is It?

Learn how to handle the technological devices is useful and can bring many benefits when used with wisdom and insight, as an aid in education and intellectual development of your child. But for the sake of the healthy growth of children, this doesn’t have to happen so soon and not in excess.Let your own son, one day, who knows, demonstrate interest in mobile, tablet, television, instead of offering access to these tools as if they were toys according to And when the meeting happens, imposes limits and give the example—determine the times when your child will be able to access the computer or fiddling with the phone, for example.