Kinectimals Comes to Android, Microsoft Is Is Yielding to The Inevitable?

Initially Microsoft has been very obsessed with their exclusive products company, and in the world of games will not be less. Fighting fervently for games to go exclusively for XBox 360 or failing for Windows, which does more than surprise us with this release we consider to be curious: Kinectimals for Android.
No, it is not a fake or a typo in the post, the own Microsoft has decided to launch one of the games that most bet on a platform of competition. So we can find the application of Kinectimals on Google Play at a price of 2.73€, It will also complement with the holders of the title for Xbox 360.
Among the advantages that we have to use this application in conjunction with the console game we will get unlock in the order of five puppies more in the game. In the case of using only this game for Android simply we can do the basic functions of some wild animals, such as Leopard or Tiger-breeding.
This game is ideal for the smaller House, but turning to a plane more conspiranoids, it is strange that Microsoft is releasing this app outside of Windows Phone. Sales numbers do not accompany and it seems that Windows resources we are running out of him to highlight their phones. It will be provided to Android? I hope that, since a good competition forces everyone to improve.


  • Version of Android: Since 2.2
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: 2.73€
  • Category: Games