Cree Led Flashlight Review Police Elgin EL-40w Zoon

I bought it on a visit to Paraguay, paid R $27.00. The average price in Brazil this around RS 50.00-60.00.
Just “Fantastic” for evening walks, because your convex lens with zoom function she adapts to all environments, reaching easily to 200 meters, very light and small, adherent, non-coated hand slide even though sweaty.

With ease you can increase your RADIUS feiche, clearing very well nearby locations without using the zoom, and closing the focus and can increase the distance achieved by passing of the 200 meters.
Unfortunately I couldn’t register with the camera the maximum distance of focus, I don’t know if for incompetence or because you really can’t, the most I could do was picture that shows my daughter about 35 MTS. (photo taken sort of by accident).

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Another strong point is your tactical drive, with a button on your back.

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With 3 modes of operation:1 Click = Normal 100%, Click 2 = 30% Economic, 3 Click = Strobo. What is good to select the mode according to the need, for example need to use for a long time you can leave the “Economic” mode the battery will last a lot longer according to lightinghowto.

Has o-rings, allowing use in humid environments, or with rain (not water proof), I’ve used several times in the rain and never had a problem with infiltration, another strong point is the duration of your battery, with 3 alkaline batteries I’m using her 6 months without showing signs of exhaustion of the battery.
The cord that came with it didn’t make it to the first use, really bum.

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