How to Fix a Wall Clock

By the principle of action clockwork, there are three main types of clocks-electronic, mechanical and electronic and mechanical.

An example of a simple mechanical design hours of weightlifting engine – familiar to almost all the cuckoo clocks.

For example, they can be considered typical of this type of failure hours, and their solutions.



Beeps cuckoo does not match the hands of the clock
Check the position of LABROCHE rotating shaft. If it is bent – and then bend it. To solve this problem does not necessarily remove the clock – just enough to open the door in the right window of the housing.


Number of battle shots does not coincide with the indication arrows
Remove the weight battle. Place the hour hand on the number corresponding to the number of shots sounded. Set a fighting weight in place and adjust the real time using the hour and minute. If the problem persists, it is necessary to adjust the accounts clearance grooves of countable range lever. Open the rear wall of the watch case. Located in what place stray dogs in the count range fight. Bend the legs of the lever turn the battle in the right direction.


Autumn minute wheel studs 
Carefully remove the wall clock like decorating with timepieces. Remove the hook and open the door of the cuckoo. Disconnect and remove the cover. Adjust the weight battle and watch the clock mechanism carefully. Disconnect the minute wheel and hub. If necessary, straighten the minute wheel studs. Insert the pins in place and fix carefully.


Cuckoo figurine stuck
Open the rear wall of the clock case. Examine the position of the tail of the figures. Figure cuckoo must be on the top surface of the whistle. Set the figure put on and fix it on the media.


The Cuckoo’s voice is distorted and poorly
Remove the screws that secure the bellows. Remove the skins of the case and to verify their sound. To do this, go up and down the bottles several times. Clean the fur under the sound and reach the desired tone. To increase the sound should bend a little fur lever down, to eliminate the chatter-up.

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