Molds for Baking Cakes (Bread and Pastries)

The shapes of molds for baking, while subject to a certain extent to fashion trends, but much more housewives appreciate new forms of materials and their properties. In the housewares stores and on the Internet, so in addition to pottery and enamelled meet with silicone, Teflon, titanium and other anti-adhesive surfaces. Whether our eyes, it will srnční traditional back or rather a teddy bear, it is purely a matter of personal preference.

Cake molds are almost mandatory accessory for any home. For self-made cake it is the most beautiful gift for relatives or friends and cakes have always been an inseparable part of every celebration. Tart may have a classic shape without a bottom, which is adjustable in multiple sizes. Their advantage is the ability to bake more storey cake. Forms for cakes may also have shapes of shells, stars, horses, guitars or butterfly.
Set on a baking includes everything the magic in the kitchen need. Usually it belongs to the classical form of a cake on the 22 cm diameter with a height of 10 cm cake mold with a drop-down buckle diameter of 26 cm height and 6.5 cm to form bread, 6,5 (height) x 30 (width) x 11.5 cm (depth).

An integral part of such a kit should be fitted with a wooden spatula with plastic, wooden spoon, pastry brush with a wooden handle, plastic spatula and possibly a set of paper cups for baking with Wholesaleably, including a rubberized bag decorating complete with four extensions. A welcome addition to these sets of baking is still a separate slitting string that is used to easily split pie crust. All the baking pan should be provided with non-stick coating, which ensures high quality baking without burning of fat and need not be used.
Materials forms of classical and modern
Forms for baking all types of meals are made mostly of glass, glazed ceramic and metal. Forms are usually tinned, Teflon or quality porcelain. Perhaps form pizza is manufactured from steel galvanically bright tinplate. On the market there are molds for muffins and cakes for large or also in the form of a horseshoe, molds and coffins made of bright tinned steel sheet or pudding molds and which are suitable to domestic production báboviček pudding. Cake molds made of high quality stainless steel are suitable for seamless dishwasher proof and can them quickly and easily prepare a beautifully shaped body on the cake future.

The material from which the baking mold produced, affects the cake appearance and mold release. Aluminium forms are non-corrosive material with a good ability to distribute heat and are therefore suitable for all types of ovens. Black lacquered forms well absorb the heat and immediately issued him back out. They are therefore suitable for electric and hot air ovens, but not too much for gas ovens. Well certify and Teflon coated molds that facilitate removal of baked desserts.

Ceramic mold act as a tiled stove. First to himself as the temperature of the tiles NASA and then gradually release it. They tend to have an attractive appearance and are suitable for all types of pipes. Glass molds behave like ceramics, because they absorb heat and gradually released, thereby desserts well propečou.
Clay forms include some of the oldest species Baking, however, they are not entirely appropriate because they have caking property. This type of mold is only suitable for baking bread or dough with a low sugar content.

Traditional baking sheets high and low are generally made of enamel. A better option is mold and baking Delicia, which are suitable for baking sweet and savory dishes. They are provided with is a highly resistant non-stick coating that prevents overcooking. They are excellent for baking in the electric, gas and hot air ovens. Oven should be washed well, they are suitable for dishwashers.
On the material of the 3rd millennium, however, stands boldly modern and functional silicone. Perfect not only for classic saddle of venison. Silicone molds have a number of characteristics that make culinary presentations. Their advantage is that they are nonstick, so the dough on a roller quickly and easily processed. Moulds of this material are lightweight, resistant to high temperatures from -40 ° C to + 230 ° C. The form is also hygienic, as it does not accept the smells of the food. Easily washable and easily storable silicone molds can be cleaned in the dishwasher. For example, silicone mold Christmas cake is ideal for baking the batter, sponge and yeast dough, which is in the form does not burn. Due to the segmentation of the mold is still recommended to gently wipe grease.

The silicone mold cake on a glass-bottom goodness cooks and instantly served. After baking mold is easy to open and the glass bottom can be served on the table. Forms of silicon including silicone handles that make handling them fully replace traditional metal forms, and yet you will work with them much better due to the characteristics of silicone. The advantage over metal forms is the ability to cut the cake on the glass metal knife.

An interesting variant forms are on the cake with plastic cover. The form will be used to bake cakes, which, thanks to non-stick surface will not adhere after cooling can be saved on a plastic tray and cover with folded clips and handle for easy carrying. Patsy so it certainly can not be dried and her intrusive insects.
Bulkier baking dish from Pyrex its service to meet the always perfectly. Two-piece oval gratin dish is not only suitable for roasting poultry, in which you will achieve crunchy cuticle, but also for browning both savory and sweet dishes. Composite bowl and with handles a volume of 5.1 liters usually characterized dimensions 34 x 21 x 15 cm.
Also popular are baking dish made of porcelain, which can be done directly serve food on the table and directly from it and consume it. Set of 4 porcelain bowls are great for making souffles, baked eggs with mushrooms and baked onion soup. Bowls and serve for serving pickles, olives and other foods and snacks. Baking dish may also have different shapes.

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