Reader Question: Desk Light with Wall or Built-in LED Light?

If a blog reader question seems especially interesting to me or from time to time appears in different variations, I like to share it with all readers and hope for helpful comments. Today, it comes to light for the desk with a wall or built-in LED light.

One of my OSRAM “Luminestra eco” under-Cabinet LED lights from two perspectives: directly from the bottom and from the front with the subsequently bonded Plexiglas diffuser. The five “Oslon” “neutral white” light-LED-chips is thus largely glare-free. The light traces of use on the desk right you see me now – in new condition the housing is white.

Blogleser Ronny H. from Ruhland in Brandenburg is currently a lighting problem, which probably many know well – not only as a parent of school-age children:

“Maybe they can help me, Google couldn’t do it so far. I’m looking for a desk lamp that you can attach to a wall but for my son (first graders).Above the desk is a wall cabinet; under this you could attach a strip of light, which may not show but. The main lighting an LED is realised through Panel.”

We light strips strong with 7 or 8 Watt go well

I had already presented a workaround in December 2011 – and that would be in principle still possible: A switchable, 7 Watt strong “Luminestra eco” LED light strip stick to the underside of the Cabinet or -screw – best with the “cooler” color temperature 4000 Kelvin for the FiliuS at the homework is not sleeping. To a Matt Perspex diffuser cut and glue the front at right angles on the housing, to reduce the glare of the LEDs.

The more powerful variants of hot “Luminestra” without “eco”, 8 or 13 Watt and offer at least up to 960 lumen luminous flux with an beam angle of about 90 degrees. Similar under-Cabinet LED luminaires with a narrow 45 ° angle hot at OSRAM “QOD Domino ‘ and to have – such as the” Luminestra”- in different sizes and performance levels. Probably you can do here without homebuilt light shield, would be set to 3000 Kelvin.

A small LED-panel would be possible

Also Small LED panels with an external power supply, which could be attached to the bottom of the wall unit and over 1000 lumens provide more light than traditional LED strips or lights are worth a look. With a UGR maximum 19, they were even officially aperture arm and suitable for DSE workstations.

And what’s with LED – wall lights? You should be as flexibly adjustable so that they individually can light up on certain points of the desktop, without dazzling the user. Spontaneous would give me example such Philips ‘Ledino”lighting fixtures come up with:

This model with three firmly installed, non-replaceable LEDs ‘ LUXEON rebel” pulls about 7.5 watts including electronic ballast and offers about 350 lumens with 40 degree half value angle in the current version. This is at least as bright as a conventional 35-watt high-voltage halogen spot. The light is relatively neutral, despite nominally 2700 K and color fidelity. However, the luminaire is connected directly to the 230 Volt and has no own switch. For this, the brightness with a suitable wall dimmer would be infinitely variable.

Of course, there would be a lot more lights this and similar nature – the limits of determined mainly the money bag. If you want to give a few specific tips for the desk light of his son Ronny H. from Ruhland or have already gained experience with a certain wall or built-in LED light: write it below in the comments – thank you!


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