Knitted Mesh Sweater Pattern

This beautiful cardigan knitted mesh is ideal for the spring season; its elegance allow us to wear it even in special and particular evenings, combined with evening dresses. What is needed is 400 g Jade yarn color beige, the needles n. 51/2, a crochet hook n. 5, a matching button and a knitting needle with a rounded tip. The basic size is for a 40, but in brackets you will find the numbers to make both 44, both 46. The points used are stocking st backwards, the chain, the mesh low and middle-high mesh. Let’s see how to proceed.
To run the sample, you work 10 × 10 cm worked with knitting to 51/2 m.ras. purl. = 16 m. and 21 f. If you need to follow and understand the abbreviations, you can help with specific guidelines.
To start: behind, with f. adv. 80 (86-92) m. and work. to m. ras. purl. The sides dim. 1 m. every 10 rows. for 6 times. A 41 cm (44-47) alt. beg., to shape the armholes bind. the sides, every 2 rows., 2 sts., 1 st. for 2 (3-4) times. A 21 cm (22-23) from the beginning of the armholes, to slant the shoulders bind off. the sides 8 (9-10) m. every 2 rows. for 2 times. Bind off. 28 m. remained. Right front: cast. 42 (45-48) m. and work. to m. ras.purl. On left of work shape the side as done for back piece. A 40 cm (43-46) alt. beg., to shape the neckline. on the right of work 1 st. every 2 rows.10 times, 1 m. every 4 rows. for 4 times, 1 m. every 6 rows. for 2 times. At the same time, at 41 cm (44-47) alt. tot. shape the armhole and at 21 cm (22-23) from the beginning of the same, sbiecare the shoulder, on left of work, in same way as back. Left front: work. right front, symmetrically.Sleeves: with f. adv. 30 (33-36) m. and work. to m. ras. purl. The sides incr. 1 m. every 8 rows. to 9 volts. A 42 cm (44-46) alt.
beg., to shape the armholes bind. the sides, every 2 rows., 2 sts., 1 st. for 19 (20-21) times. A 18 cm (19-20) from the beginning of armholes bind. 6 (7-8) sts. remained
Then sew the shoulders. With the crochet hook trim the neckline front and back as follows: Row 1 .: starting from 4th m. the neckline of the right front and work. to m. Low distributing 37 (39-41) m. along the neckline of each front and 30 (32-34) m. along the back neckline; term. in 4ultima m.the neckline of the left front. From 2nd to 9th r. lav. half m. high. 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th r .: lav. the first and last 6 m. to m. low and all the remaining m. Central to slip stitch. High decreasing at ends 1 st. every row. 7th r .: lav. half but only on the first 32 (34-36) m. (leave waiting all remaining m.) and, at the same time, Dim. 1 m. on the first and last 2 sts.8th and 9th r .: lav. 1 half but on each m. subt. continuing working also on the lateral margin of the first 6 r. (only from the side of the neck); holding the line at the 4th and 3rd m. Missed the beginning of the neck. Break off and bind the yarn. It has just completed your first lapels. Repr. working on the latest 37 (39-41) m. and run the second rever way as prev., symmetrically. Break off and bind the yarn. Repr. m working on. power plants on hold and work. 3 r. half but by running 1 m. each of m. below.Break off and bind the yarn. Finishing the edges of the collar and lapels with 1 r. to m. low performing 1 buttonhole 6 cat. behind the lapels of the right front. Sew up the sides. And sew on the sleeves. With the crochet hook trim the bottom of the sleeves by running 4 g. to m. low. Attach thebutton at the base of the left front lapels. At this point, your cardigan is ready as described in cardigan style!