Latest Trend in Pony Hairstyles – Cleopatra Pony

Pony hairstyles are dull? It’s not true at all! With the Cleopatra Pony, a trend of this summer, you give your head new freshness without changing the cut.
Not only Katy Perry has made this variation of pony hairstyles a trend: the Cleopatra pony. In her hit “Dark Horse”, the American pop singer shows herself with an accurately cut pony to extremely smoothed hair. This is exactly what you should try this summer, because the pretty long-held pony looks pretty cheeky.
Easily Renew Pony Hairstyles
How this stylish variant of pony hairstyle works? First, they draw a middle crest, which belongs to the Cleopatra Pony. Precision work is required for precisely cut edges. Cut the pony at the height of your eyebrows – if you find yourself too difficult, please ask a friend for help. Small tip: If you do not achieve a satisfactory result with a hair clipper, you can reach a long clipper.
According to beautypically, important for the pony hairstyle in Cleopatra look are defined edges. The pony should not be rounded on the sides, but clearly separated from the rest of the hair. If the pony has the correct length, add some heat protection spray, because next you should pull it out for the lot by the smooth iron to achieve the typical rectilinear look. Also the remaining hair should look extremely smooth. At the latest now you should look like Katy Perry in “Dark Horse”, or even better, the original: Cleopatra.
Also a Part Of The Piece Does It!
You don’t have a pony hairstyle, but want to join the trend anyway? Or you don’t want to put your own pony on your back? Then you don’t necessarily have to go to the hairdresser. Make it like Kim Kardashian and buy yourself a part with Cleopatra Pony! Yes, there really is. When she once appeared on the red carpet with this pony hairstyle, and a few days later showed up with her “normal” hair again, it was clear: this must have been a part or a wig! The hair parts are available in different shades to buy – they provide plenty of variety in their hairstyles repertoire.