Learn How to Do Nails Decorated Chess Walkthrough

We women love to take care of the beauty of the skin, hair and nails, doesn’t it? And among these, nails care attention, as there is a wide variety of options for decorations to let them even more beautiful and modern.Currently, the decorated nails are successful with women of all ages, and are present in all the seasons trends.
The variety of prints are many, so many times it’s hard to choose the most suitable option for your style or type of occasion. However, there are some types of prints that can be used with any piece of clothing and several types of occasions. One of them is the chess print. Nails decorated, that contrary to what many women think, don’t make success only in jerk and Yes in the fashion of the day.
Nails decorated chess
To make your look more beautiful and with a modern twist, how about opting for Plaid prints on the nails? This type of nail decoration never goes out of style and provides a modern and differentiated result. To make life easier for many women, some cosmetic brands have launched the famous nail adhesive with plaid pattern, which is much more practical to use. However, even with this accessory available, many women prefer to do your nails decorated with chess using the traditional method of Answermba.

The common method of decorating the nails can be done by any woman, but requires a little more practice and patience. To obtain a result more beautiful and modern some women prefer to browse manicures specializing in nails decorated. But, if you want to make your nails decorated chess at home, check out the following complete walkthrough, plus videos and pictures with ideas to inspire you!
How to make
Before coferir the videos on how to make your nails decorated chess, check out following a step by step simple.
You will need:

  • A long bristle brush No. 00
  • A base
  • 4 color nail polish of your choice.

Step by step:
1-Make your nails as usual and pass a base layer.
2-After the base is dry, apply a coat of color glaze of your choice to let it dry well.
3-Choose a part of the nail to make a risk of another color.
4-With other color enamel, make another risk in another region of the nail.
5-With the last color of glaze do the same as step three and four.
6-Before drying the risks start to cross the colors in horizontal line with the brush. Then do the same thing, only now in vertical line.
7-When the chess is very dry, pass a base to give a special glow and ready!
For you to learn better how to do this type of nail decoration, here are some tutorials that will help you make that beautiful nail art!
Learn how to easily and didactics doing various decorations. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have the nails always decorated. Learn what are the materials for each drawing.