Learn How to Makeup for Carnival

Loved ones are prepared to stay beautiful at the Carnival? Because if you still had no idea what makeup do, a friend who loves makeup was keen to help us. We have a tutorial for the blog I’m that will leave you excited to Carnival. Come on then?
Makeup Super Pink for Carnival
Before starting the make, it is necessary to prepare the skin, which is made as follows:
Cover your face and neck with exactly the tone of your skin. Don’t forget to cover the area of the eyelids and around the hair root. Now, apply a compact colour, with the sponge. Spread well, make a generous layer of dust, because this will help after cleaning up the smudges made with the shadow, the fallout in the face. If you want, apply liquid Concealer under the eyes, making a triangle between the beginning and end of the eyes and cheek.

Time to start:
Let’s start with the Brown base. Apply the opaque Brown shadow across the mobile eyelid, leaving a little sense the eyebrow. Spread well, and then vanish with the finger.Apply also to the lower lashes, close to half of the eyes, from the outside in. Apply at the bottom illuminator eyebrow (see http://www.whitehallmakeup.com), approaching the maximum of the smudges made with Brown shadow.
Now yes, the makeup step by step rose!
1) Apply shadow Fixer with Pat on mobile eyelid, inside of the eyelid up to half of the eye.
2) play time! The glitter should be placed in a cotton swab moistened with water. And start to be applied to the half of the eyelid.
3) Voila! Your eyes should be like this!
4) With a beveled brush, scrub in a black shadow or lead.
5) Deposit the shadow in the outer corner of the eyelid and blow up near the pink glitter.
6) Use a purple shadow on the brush beveled.
7) apply it next the black shadow or lead, not to get too marked the division between the shadow and glitter powder.
8) black pencil on the inside and bottom of the eyes. It has to be a very strong black pencil to be marked. Then vanish with the brush Beveling.
9) Apply mascara to leave the lashes well recovered.
10) A blushzinho bronzer lightly in cheek bone and ready!
Makeup ready and that’s not coming out so soon, only at the end of the revelry! Not to mention that you’ll stay super diva right, glitter is everything in this Carnival, I’m suspect to talk because I love glitter!
Hey what do you think? I want all the divas using one of those huh?