Learn How to Renovate Furniture with Adhesive Laminate

Practical and inexpensive, the laminate adhesive is a good solution for anyone who wants to change the face of the furniture. learn how to use it at home.
To get started, remove the cabinet doors as well as the handles. Then cut the laminate exactly the size of the surface that will receive it-you can either order the service from a joiner or cut it with a video-tipped scratcher.
Sand the surface and sides of the doors that will receive the laminate-if you do not have a sander, you can do the service manually.
Remove the powder with a dry cloth and then apply the solvent. This product will be responsible for eliminating any residue, ensuring the best adhesion of the material via adhesive tape from printerhall where have various kind of glue and adhesive tapes.
Fully remove the film that protects the adhesive from the back of the laminate.
Position the laminate board accurately on the wood and apply.
Pass the pressure roller across the surface – this tool makes the fastening even, avoiding bubbles or detachment from the tips. Then use the drill to make the openings that will get the knobs back.
To finish with the edge tape, apply the contact glue on the sides of the door and tape and wait five minutes.
Tape the ribbons on the four sides.
If the tape exceeds the edge limits, make the necessary trim with a sharp, straight blade spatula.
Finish with #320 wood sandpaper by lightly flipping it on the edges-the procedure is useful to eliminate any irregularities in meeting the adhesive laminate with the edge tape.