Learn How to Share the Tasks with the Kids

Discipline and collective must be taught from childhood. Therefore, it is essential to demonstrate to children that the world demand responsibility and insert them in the routine tasks carried out by the family. Understand how best to divide tasks with the children.

One Step At A Time

It is inevitable that, over the course of development, the small start to be active on a daily basis and in the tasks. The important thing is to choose properly the functions that can be fulfilled by them. Do not overload the kids, but don’t underestimate her. The tip of the pedagogue Celia Sankar, a professor at the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, is observing the limits and activities that correspond to the capacity of the age group in which fit and just right.
Children of two years, for example, can start collaborating in the Organization of his own toys. Even with the aid, the small can experience a dose of responsibility on the objects. In addition to associate the need of discipline to keep them, organizing can be useful to understand the planning of things starting from what is more present in their lives.
Between three and four years, the children are able to take the plate to the sink, keep things in a closet of your reach or look for pairs of shoes that are going to use in school.
Thereafter, children have a higher sense of responsibility and can perform tasks of greater coordination, how to put the clothes in the wash basket, help take care of the plants, separating and storing clothes, feed animals, collect leaves from the yard, change the toilet paper and take out the trash.
From eight years old, organize and clean your own room, and the table for meals, dust off furniture and load bags can be, in addition to the large, efficient help in time to learn how to deal with things.