Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket

Skin looks very impressive, but to prevent the jacket from her still and warm is you have to choose one that has a leather lining.
podstezhka Usually this is fixed by means of clasp, which makes it possible to wear a coat and season period. Razgranichavane natural faux leather lining is very prosta. Gorya plucked hair si. Natural burning with characteristic smell of burned hair and artificial just melt.

The best raw material for leather jackets are considered
sheep and cow kozha. Kachestvoto color can be determined by looking at your butt kray. S skin should be colored and the surface.
quality leather necessarily impregnated repelent. Ako drop of water on the treated skin surface, the droplet will not spread, and slide nadolu. Tozi housing is impervious to atmospheric precipitation, even if they contain acid or other substances that pollute the atmosphere.

Which Textile

How to choose a jacket in the winter of textiles? The choice of insulation synthetic fillers today is far superior to the unique Sintepon vchera. Izosoft, Thinsulate, hollofayber, valterm and many others are light and retain heat and require no special care.
most warm and comfortable material experts believe Thinsulate.Yaketa tinsuleyte very warm-they can withstand the cold at 30 ° C, but at the same time they are thin and light, so-fit.
Valterm unattainable insulating material.No he has one feature-different platnost. Za winter clothes used valterm density of 200-250, and for clothes for all seasons-100. The index of density is usually indicated on the label.
polyester fabrics can be an lightweight material for yaketa. Te are durable, waterproof, resistant to wear and do not fade slantse. Yake of polyester fabric can easily be washed in a machine, it does not lose its shape, will not sit down and not prolee. Himichniyat composition of the tissue allows paint it in different colors-from pale pastel to bright oslepitelen. Hameleon fabric not only looks impressive, but I never get tired of the monotony of colors.

General Tips

Jacket, you’ll buy in the first place, it must be udobno.Za cold air does not fall under the jacket, it is better to choose a more narrow sleeves or collar assembly.
For much can be said jacket podplata.Izraboteni of silk or rayon, it certainly is hemmed jacket of kachestvoto.Proizvoditelyat who values ​​his name not be used for backup cheap polyester.
Be sure to check the seams-they in no case to be through, otherwise just freeze penetration of vyatara. Ot important is the quality of kontsi. Ako jacket is sewn rotten thread at the seams in the fastest time will razprasnat. Zatova to choose a quality product, stitched and not very thick thread.
Select the correct jacket that will not be afraid of every winter!

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