LED Lights Energy Saving Comparison

LED lamps-a Lighting Solution for Zuckunft in Lighting
Many are not yet aware that there is a lighting technique that even uses less power than energy-saving lamps. The reason is that this technique is relatively new, at least in the lighting market, and energy-saving lamps have been made known by many measures of the Federal Government, the environmental authorities and the manufacturer only in recent years really as the most fuel-efficient bulbs.Now, according to the motion lightbulb ban you win more acceptance, as in recent years. It is not easy for the consumer, at the same time to learn again to know another product that consumes less power.

LED Lights Energy Saving Comparison
These are LED lamps, a technique that is quite old actually, but is used only in recent years as lamps. It therefore took some time before these semiconductors previously used exclusively in measuring instruments and electronic devices were developed so far that they generated a pleasant and bright light. Compared with an incandescent lamp, an LED lamp consumes about 90 percent less power at the same brightness. Even compared with energy saving lamps the power consumption of the LED light is still somewhat lower, because an LED lamp with ten watts produced an equally bright light as an energy saving lamp with 17 watts, but also as much as a 75-watt bulb.
What is not so well known also, the fact that LED bulbs are available in all conceivable formats available, a further advantage over the energy-saving lamps, which, although equipped with all standard screw bases, but not with sockets and because of their size is also not in all lights may be used.

LED Lamps with Socket

LED lamps are available with any standard socket and all other conceivable technical formats. First LED lamps were offered with sockets, so they can be used in all lamps, which were hitherto reserved for halogen lamps. But these small light-emitting diodes can also be used without a special connection, as long as they are only connected to a current-carrying cables. Therefore, they are so well as recessed lights in cabinets, floors, walls, ceilings, and even seats or in garments. With skylights and other shapes can be achieved amazing effects with LED.
Since a single LED does not produce enough light to illuminate a room, but only as a spot or subtle lighting usable consist LED bulbs that produce a bright light of a bundle of individual LED. Most are in an LED lamp, depending on light intensity 6, containing 12, 18 or even more LED. This innovative technology really can apply everywhere, one has now developed LED lamps with different screw bases. This extremely durable, sturdy and economical LED lighting technology is now available as a radiator and in all other formats, in pear-shaped lamps and in candle-shaped or spherical LED bulbs, the Ledbulbbay, with the thicker B22 screw, the GU10-or GU5-Stecksockel and naturally in different strengths.

Special LED Lights

In addition to the versatile range of LED lamps, this technique made a whole new type of lighting in the form of large-scale lighting possible. A whole room ceiling, a large area in the floor or the wall can be illuminated in this way a large area or even across the entire surface. In this special LED lights a large number of LED’s in different colors.