Leggings, Tregging or Jeggings?

This week, let’s put aside our tootsies to focus on our legs. Hey Yes, in addition to the pants or jeans, it’s not just tights to highlight them, he is also cousins Legging-Tregging-Jegging. Yes agree, they are very cute but… “it is not the same stuff?!” Come on, decrypts it, because there are many notable shades.
Leggings:to make it simple, it’s a big sticky whereby the feet were cut off. Its material is relatively thick, usually cotton (with a bit of spandex for comfort), it is elastic to the size. Available in multiple colors, but also in more and more crazy prints (leopard, Zebra, peas, snowflakes…), it is very convenient to address the problem of a short dress/skirt. Remember: it’s first-come.
Tregging:it follows the same mold, the nuance is in the matter, because indeed it is originally proposed in faux leather fabric, which gives a rock to a tee shirt too wise for example. Today, there are variations in sequins including. It gives a look more, more sophisticated woman.
Jeggings:always on the same form, but this time this simple to remember because mnemonic ‘ Iyear ‘, the material is indeed denim embellished with stitching along the legs but also to draw a false fly and false-pockets. Role is to fully replace the vulgar skinny denim, it will be more appreciated for its appearance second skin.
I do not point on jogging, I think that reputation is verified…
Below, the illustrations to mirror the explanations.
From right to left:
-Jegging, € 12.50 instead of € 25 Naf Naf
-Tregging, €9.99 Jennyfer
-Leggings, €11.99 New Look