How to Teach the Dog to Keep Your Toys

Are you tired of having to collect dozens of toys that your dog used and left around the House? Discover how easy it is to teach you how to keep them alone again.
Dogs that live in our homes, in the comfort of living with our family are so lucky. Grow up surrounded by treats and are treated with all the attention and affection, almost as if they were small children. And like children, has a varied amount of toys who live scattered throughout the House, right?

Play is important to the welfare of pets, playing our pets exercise, occupy their minds and learn. The joke is used by many trainers to work with aggressive behaviour or cases of shyness. Therefore it is very important that your dog may have their toys, so it has a psychologically healthy life. But sometimes we tend to get carried away with the excuse to keep them in shape and with the mind stimulated, and we ended up exaggerating a bit in the amount of toys, then, are scattered in dozens of places throughout our House.

Balls and balls of all sizes, frisbee to make them run outdoors, fake bones to healthy teeth, rubber dolls with rattles for when they’re alone and even plush toys for the time of rest, that are forgotten invariably here and there, waiting for the next joke.

But you might wonder eventually if my dog was a child, I could teach you join your toys, I’d be so teaching the child that she should cooperate with the Organization of the House, would be providing her with learning about responsibility. But what with our dogs? Is that a dog is able to keep a toy? It would be cruel to the dog, do you organize your toys?

Yes, dogs can learn to keep his toys around the House and the coolest thing is that they may end up having a lot of fun with this task. Another big advantage for those who also have children at home, is to show to the small that even the dog is able to organize their toys. The important thing is to teach them the right way.


  • To begin this training you’ll need your dog’s favorite toy and a basket where he will collect all your toys and put them away. The basket should be of an appropriate size and must be in an easily accessible location to the dog.
  • Let the toy on the floor and use the command “take” or any other “magic words” that you have established with your dog to make it load objects.
  • So he picks up, kneel down near the basket name the dog. Once the dog come to you, tell him “guard” to encourage your dog to leave the toy. Once he’s on the floor, get the toy and put it in the basket, making sure that your dog is watching what you do. So, as we always do in training with positive reinforcement, we congratulate the dog and offer a snack that he loves.
  • Repeat the exercise until he put the toy in the basket. Make sure he understands that your wish is that he keep all toys inside the basket. It is essential to follow the dog and repeat the Office until he is completely aware of the prank. Understand that it takes time before training your dog can perform this task alone and spontaneously. And don’t forget that the key is always the positive reinforcement. Never stop praising your pet when he save a toy in basket.
  • After your dog has learned to put the toys in cestina, you can evolve the learning. Put the toys in different places in the room and say the usual command. Once your puppy has taken the toy to the basket and kept your toy, repeat the command and wait until it returns with another toy. You should praise him and give him a treat.
  • Gradually increase the number of toys, from three to four, and so on, so that your furry have to assemble them from distant points of your initial training space. In the end, you simply must give the command set for you so that your pet be alone assembling all their toys.

It’s not very easy teach your dog how to collect their own toys? So let’s get to it!

Enjoy the tips and good luck!!!

Ricardo Tamborini-Trainer and Canine behavior specialist

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