Lenovo Is Inspired by The Simplicity of Motorola to Renew Your UI on Android, Has Thus Been

When Lenovo bought Motorola wanted to make it clear that it would try to mark independently and than ever, at least in aesthetic aspects, philosophy and design, nothing would change. At the moment it has been thus and in fact is the Chinese company who take example of its acquisition and thus improve the interface of your Android devices.
Good news if we bear in mind that mobile phones and tablets from Lenovo have always grinding in this aspect. We now know that there will be renovation shortly in the Tablet software and that the objective is simplify more the appearance. You have got it, but still have a little way to go.

On the right track but can be improved

This new layer comes with Android Lollpop under the sleeve and this time the manufacturer He did not want to enter more customizations of the account and has decided to take more aspects of series such as multitasking or the Cabinet of applications to make it more simple, intuitive and clean face to the end user.
As you can see in the images change is important: this time Lenovo gives more to the Android design lines and does not impose elements that in many cases do not provide anything useful. A breakthrough, without a doubt, but rather moderate because there are still things that squeak in the new interface of the tablets from Lenovo.
It is surprising that in this change they have decided to leave a set of icons that very reminiscent of iOS 8 and that can result in enough confusion. In previous versions of the launcher removed application locker to give him one look more iPad and, again, fall into the same error with a significant element of software.
It’s a shame because good intentions by Lenovo for doing something different but they are falling into the same mistakes. At the moment this update will come only to tablets and no plans so let’s mobile but it is question of time which ends up leaving a version also.