LG Is Targeting The Dispute between Qualcomm and Samsung

We are at what could be the saga of this first semester on the Android ecosystem. The alleged problems of overheating of the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, that were reported by Samsung, back in the news, but this time another major player, LG has joined.
The movement by Qualcomm to do everything possible to get a new exclusive version that will satisfy Samsung not could have sat too well in LG, since its new LG G Flex 2 fitted this processor. The main problem is that if Qualcomm decides to make this movement in favour of Samsung, ething to attach importance to the so-called global warming.
Other sources suggest that really that overheating just exists and that this dispute is oriented to create a conflict between Qualcomm processors and which manufactures the own Samsung. If Samsung is finally taken out its flagship with its own engine and a good performance it would be a blow to Qualcomm and processors market in general.
Now the ball is on the roof of Qualcomm and they have the last word. They may opt to meet one of their best customers or proceed with lyou other manufacturers who have decided to assemble its new 810 Snapdragon. In addition, it is curious that came out when the first benchmarks of the 4 Note with this processor Samsung not reported any problem.