Listening Comparisons and Amp Recommendations

The ASW as well as the finite elements transferred with Nikolaus Harnoncourt (Sony BMG) extremely sound Bruckner’s Symphony No. 9 in the recording and engaged, where is the ASW was significantly more agile and concentrated, what you at the end of a lead of at least brought a sound point.
But even the quieter and more relaxed acting finite was their advocate, particularly on the issues of balance and bass quality. If in the reference player of the bass torture classic “Tricycle” the Group flim & the BBs (Sony audiophile collection) the finite struck rotated, the hour, because so deep and yet always controlled play only active speakers.
Place deer like B & W 801 D or KEF reference 207/2 (issue 7/05 and 5/08) had their love trouble, to keep them at a distance, obviously also Nobel brands Cook only with water.
Back to the inner-German duel. The spatial aspects outlined the finite willingness, the ASW shone more in depth and created the larger stage.
But there are also similarities. Both revealed a pleasingly large tolerance in terms of amplifier. The ASW could here their excellent sensitivity-sounding coin, implement the finite benefited from their part active concept, which however significantly relieves the driving amplifier on his current capability.
To derive the same recommendations would be still wrong, because the well 7 decibels quieter finite – in practice a huge difference–want to see a lot more voltage, say, here goes the tendency clearly to the transistor with at least 100, better yet 200 Watts into 4 ohms, since also the impedance with minima near 2.5 ohm is not too easy to care for.
Tube of 20 – or 40-watt League are definitely not suitable for the finite so. Who still try, might be a distortion, constrained dynamics, and generally tired sound. Yet it must be no bolide 10_000 euro League. Suitable play partner (about the Supernait of Naim, see booklet 9/2007) start at around 2000 euro. Generally tends to the velvety finite too fresh and gripping play amps.
The House already lively ASW prefers – if the user would like to counteract – full-bodied and pleasant playing amps which are found particularly in the tubular stock. The Cayin A 100 T (stereoplay 11/2008) as a tip for revelers and lovers would.

However, should who would like to exploit the giant level reserves of the Magadis without fear, even transistor powerhouses like a McIntosh MA 7000 AC (issue 4/08) in the calculus.

Upwards, the borders are still open. Source devices and amplifiers, which are more expensive than the speaker itself be worth of boxes of this caliber. What the well-stocked retailers easily can demonstrate to you.