Long Summer Dress

Today I bring you a new “attire”. (I say it as well as wink at my last post.If you read it, you will understand why I say it.And if you did not see it,  HERE you have it).

Long Summer Dress

This is a long summer dress that I bought last week in Mulaya during a visit to Madrid. You can also see such lace dress for summer on http://www.summerdressesstore.com/cheap/lace-summer-dresses/.
I love it because it is a very fine, flowing fabric and is very cool for summer. His print in blue and white tones was what struck me the most.
I’m realizing that this season is giving me the skirts and the long dresses. For my size, a sixty, I always saw a little plug and did not usually wear this type of garments. What used to happen to me was that I had more than half dressed and not going to put the bass, I did not buy it. I’ve always thought that long dresses are for high ones. But this year, I do not know if the manufacturers are making them shorter, the fact is that I am finding them of my size. Either that, or I’ve grown.
The model of the web of Mulaya carries some “ugly shoes” (or ugly shoes ). I do not like that kind of shoe like I said in my last post, the one I told you at the beginning of this post. I have chosen these blue Mustang wedge sandals that have also just fallen on sale. They are very comfortable and with them I even feel high…
The strangest thing about this long summer dress are its straps: a braided leather cord (I suppose imitation) that attaches the upper back with the front top of the dress. One of the things that has occurred to me is to play with the way of tying the cord since it can vary the neckline and give you different styles as you like:

If you tie it in front…

… A double knot is enough. It is as it is usually carried. All the previous photos are like this. It is also how the model of the brand takes it.

If you put it behind…

… There is a very original double strap. It gives another style to the dress:

If you do not write it…

… Be careful that you fall !! But if you make a knot so that it does not run the fabric, it does not fall, calm. Behind it remains the same as the front lace. And the result is more fresh and informal:
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