Lua 4545 L Amplifier

Because of the 10-year anniversary, LUA grind even once mighty at its smallest tube amp LUA 4545 L (2200 euros). Revealed that even a gem?

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You don’t believe it”, Helmut Lua begins many of his records even if absolutely accept the philosophy of the restless Constance neighbor about the stereoplay testers.
For example, that tube amplifiers do not constantly reinvent the wheel must be and it rather depends on detail work. A slew of net tensioners test about it, listen with patience and spit. What LUA for the first time chose a very special for the new 4545 L – with cut band nucleus, which is actually gone out of fashion. One of the Japanese manufacturer of Hashimoto, who gained with the transformer Assembly from sansui tube amps legendary reputation.
In fact: Technicians with joy look at the supposed fossil that is dealt with from a first narrow, then increasingly broad and then again narrower cut to stripes. The resulting precision iron tyres closely surrounded by a primary and a separate secondary windings. This results in a clean flow of magnetic energy and still no significant capacitive transfer of interference signals from wire to wire as the loading transformer.
Lua is which in turn the tube high voltage – as already from its older power blocks – also for the Hashimoto in two halves out, to rectifying these first individually and to smooth, and only then to turn – in series plus on noise and safety brings.
Given the two thick and the thinner for the precursors of competent blue Vishay electrolytic capacitors take the language – the specialist then anyway because he builds this super fine power memory that cost easily two or three times as much as ordinary, in personal honey, but never in equipment for foreign people.
Many may consider also the teflon tubing that lead from individually screwed-up cinch sockets to the Alps input selector switch, as a luxury. Or the gold-plated conductors above and below on the main Board. Or the small Cutting Band Kernel for the standby circuit, which makes up only 0.1 Watt.
Anyway, the HiFiist looks all the more confident in the beautiful front window of 4545 L, where he can welcome two ECC 83, two ECC 82 as well as two EL-34-push-pull pair along with a shielding box for the Alps volume motor potentiometer. Therefore the usual occupation? Not at all, because LUA’s not can, not only at the end tubes exactly with their dynamic properties to each other to find appropriate. He matches the whole Glass Ensemble including prepress clanking poverty in Fuller work.
What is reflected in not completely, but highly heat comforting sound, almost soaking up the handset. And not brings with forced, but loose living rhythms in almost magical way to track time. While no crisis threatens magnificent dragging temporarily healthy paunchy bass, multicolored MIDs and airy an altitude, because even at critical boxes the LUA did not fold.
The ancestor of 4545 C (12/05) small, sparse, sounded was tough rings – but ultimately winning the LUA against the Apollinaire MAGNAT RV 1 a. The highlight of 11/07 appeared rougher, something in comparison while 4545 L always remained in the fluid continuum, which gave him 53 points. A truly successful anniversary.
Interested in the run-up to a planned larger bi-amped history question: How does it sound when a tube amplifier as only the strengthening of MIDs and highs makes new 4545 L of Lua and otherwise an additional possible heftier transistor amp takes the bass – work?
In theory, such a composite at high levels should lead to more clean, because the danger that distortion top and mixing waves spot the upper realms of sound on the bollard of coming bass, seems now so much smaller. ERGO, the tester wired the bi-Amping terminal a B & W N 802 D (6/05) in the appropriate way with the LUA and the bass-strong Vincent SV 234 (5/07).
The need for a passive preamp to the common volume control and measurements to gauge and phase equal suggests the procedure please not to copy. Although it led to inter – eat students before results. BI-amp operation some of the consistency of the music was lost, so lost piano runs an infinitesimal River. On the other hand, the duo led to a larger space and more air between the instruments. Reason enough to examine the hybrid powertrain.
Lua 4545 L

Manufacturer LUA
Price €2200.00
Rating 53.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions (W x H x D) 33.0 x 16, 5 x 34.5 cm
Weight 15.0 kg
Genus (REC / GM) Integrated amplifier
Remote control available
System remote control / Adaptive /
Front panel Black / Silver / champagne / /
Front panel other FB.
Muting (via FB)
Tone controls / switched off /
Monitor switch
Recording selector switch audio
Network jacks switched / unswitched 0 / 0
Memory / storage automatic 0 /.
Sendersp. with aut. Sorting No
Input phono MM / MC /
High level RCA inputs / XLR 4 / 0
Digital inputs RCA / XLR 0 / 0
Boxes outputs A + B / switchable /
Headphone Jack
Pre-Out / main 0 /.
Recorder connections (a / from) 0
Processor input / output /
Unity gain input
Pre-Out subwoofer 0
Measured values
True sine wave power stereo 4 ohm / 8 ohm 43.0 W / 34.0 W
Music performance stereo 4 ohm / 8 ohm 51.0 W / 38.0 W
Noise line 97.0 dB(A)
Short conclusion Compact, beautiful and liebevollst of modified Röhrenvllverstärker. Full, paradisiacal, the listener directly and more comprehensively in the time spell grow tone.
Sound Top-class
Sound points analog
(maximum 70 points)
Sound points Netzwerk-In
(maximum 70 points)
Sound points USB-In
(maximum 70 points)
Measured values
(maximum 10 points)
(max. 15 points)
(maximum 10 points)
Overall rating (maximum 120 good – very good-77 points
Price-performance ratio outstanding
tested in issue: 2 / 09