MadFinger Explains Why Dead Trigger Made Free: Piracy in Android

One of the problems arising from the open nature of Android is ease to install payment applications for free. The fact itself of that anyone can download an APK and install it without any difficulty has its positive side, certainly, but it also opens the door to other uses that are not for everyone’s taste. The latest to criticise it: the creators of Dead Trigger.
Normally developers are those who are most sensitized with this topic and the reasons are obvious: try to get benefits with applications. The company responsible of Dead Trigger and Shadowgun He has reported on its official Facebook profile that the reduction in price is due to the elevated, according to them, piracy in Android.
The idea with the original price was to be competitive and that many people bought it. At the end, and after little more than one euro is little money. However, the move does not have done as well as they expected and this has motivated them to make it free to try scratch income purchases within the game itself.
Mad Finger also emphasizes the nature of the game: freemium is not fate free to play. Or what is the same: no need to pay to be able to overcome all the challenges. It is true that the object of payment will put it us easier but it will not be necessary. In any case, I recommend the opinion of our colleague Alejandro on Dead Trigger.