Make a Necklace with Beads

Today a Guest Blog by our site, the jewelry designer by Pearl factory. She shows how she does your beautiful and unusual pieces of jewelry.
Here a complete work-in-progress!
You need:
-Felt up to max 2 mm thick or Lacy’s Stiff Stuff
-Seed beads size 11/0
-Velvet (our site velvet)
-Perlonfaden of the thickness of 0, 15 mm
-Semi-precious stones, snails, etc.
-Paper, beads needle, pencil, scissors, glue
-Bead embroidery
-our site

Bead Embroidery in the 4 Beads Stitch Guide

Anchor the thread in the felt. Then 4 beads absorb and push at the end of the thread on the felt. Stand close behind the last seed in the felt down.
Stand back up from the bottom upwards between the 2nd and 3rd seed and Rocaille guide the thread through the 3rd and 4th.
Then the next 4 beads absorb and repeat the step.
Repeat this, until they have beading their line.

Quick Start Guide Our Site:

The thread at the edge of the cut-out piece of jewelry anchor so that the thread is on the bottom of the piece of jewelry out. Now two beads record.
Then, the thread from top to bottom through the felt cut that both beads are side by side on the edge of the piece of jewelry.
The thread behind the piece of jewelry upwards through the 2nd seed beads and record a new Rocaille.
The thread again cut from top to bottom through the felt until the new Rocaille in addition to the other two beads.
Then the thread behind the piece of jewelry by these new Rocaille lead after obe and record a more Rocaille,
Repeat this step until the edge is lined.

Finished Piece of Jewelry

Step 1:
Make a sketch on solid paper that shows the piece of jewelry in form and shape. Cut out the sketch and with a pencil (preferably our site or crayon) draw on the felt. The felt surface should exceed about 3-5 cm, the piece of jewelry defined by Smber.
Step 2:
Then the lines in the 4 stitch beads to beads and the accents so semi-precious stones or cabochons- to make glue and sew, in which they are planned.
Tip: Only a portion of the jewelry piece before pearls, so they can make more changes, if something arises.
Step 3:
Now fill in the contents of the Vorgeperlten according to their specifications.
Step 4:
Further accents put and evt. to bead. Here, I have taken Glasnuggget, mussels, snails and two light blue crystals.
Step 5:
Now fill the remaining area and put smaller eye-catcher.
Step 6:
Glue the Velvet at the end on the back (not too thick coat with glue).
Then cut out the piece of jewelry. This close on the edge who cut Pearl along, but carefully, otherwise one cuts their threads.
Step 7:
Now is the edge of the our site to beads.
After that, the CAP is attached. You can use a ready-made our site, toggle, or S-hook closure, or they make even one made of wire.
Finished piece of jewelry!
Thank you very much! Our site makes beautiful bracelets and so much more!