Makeup for Wearing Red Dress

Stay beautiful with red dress is very easy and glamorous, but the previous process to stay beautiful, lead many women to madness, once, make combinations between makeup and dress, and further combine with some accessories and even the enamel, is not a simple task and encouraging.

Makeup for Wearing Red Dress

Yes, red is a dominant color and this influence, and in time to harmonize with the other colors.
If you already chose the model of your red dress to go to the prom to prom, wedding or any other occasion and is in the process of how to do your makeup, you’re in the right place! Check out the tips that we have prepared for you:

Makeup to Match Your Red Dress

  • Start with a base that exactly matches your skin tone, but avoid those that provide extreme coverage; make sure it is well mixed and there are no tags under the Chin or jaw.
  • Do not try to match the color of the blush with the dress, unless you normally use blushes in shades of red;
  • Try to use eyes outlined with shadows in earth tones or with silver or golden glow and even make pretão.
  • On the lips, you can match the color of the lipstick to the color of the clothes, but nude tones and color of mouth are also very pretty.
  • Highlight your eyes or your lips, not both.This tip should have special attention, because, as red is a vibrant color use makeup too much as, red lipstick and eyes bright with strong shadows , is exaggeration. However if you do not use makeup can look like you’re with “faded” look.
  • Hazy Eyes that enhance the size and shape of your eyes and lips ‘ natural color ‘ is a fantastic combination with red dresses for summer.
  • Avoid shadows in green, yellow, blue or purple, because they will conflict with your red dress. Go to neutral tones of shadows of ivory, cream, beige, Brown, or gray.
  • Use an eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes, then apply at least two coats of mascara
  • The shape of your eyebrows can add impact to your overall look so don’t ignore them! If they are “irregular”, add a little more definition with an eyebrow pencil that matches the color of your eyebrows. The trick is to use a light touch.
  • After finishing their makeup, lightly wipe the areas of your face, which tend to be bright (usually the forehead, nose and chin) with a translucent face powder.

Ready! Next time you’re wearing red dress these tips will ensure that you stay.
We understand that thinking about using red dress is the same thing as thinking in crash, however, like most things in our lives, thinking not always leads to the right, many factors are needed for everything to happen as well. In this case, some points are very important and should be taken into consideration for what you look nice and sophisticated, independent of the occasion.
Important Tips to Rock with Red Dress:

  • The makeup that you will use will depend on your skin tone;
  • Avoid exaggeration, because the red itself, already draws a lot of attention;
  • When choosing the color of the enamel opt for discrete, nude roses or any other pale tones. If you want to use red, use the same tone of the dress;
  • The reds open or clear are most beautiful in light-skinned people;
  • The shades closed, such as burgundy, appreciate the black or brown skin;
  • You must match your red dress and makeup with your skin tone, not with the hair color.

Keep and use all the tips, watch the tutorial below with step by step, and get gorgeous with the chosen of the night: red dress.