Makeup Tips for Prominent Nose

We all have at least one part of the body that we do not particularly like and if that part was just the nose? Many people have noses particularly “important”, which are not to their liking and often resort to cosmetic surgery to remedy this problem, but it is important to know that you can get a good result just even with the use of make-up. See famous actresses and singers, such as Lady Gaga, Uma Thurman, J.Lo, Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker and many others, who have not a perfect nose, very long indeed, or the hump, bulbous, great, but they are considered to be still beautiful!
The main technique for obtaining this result is characterized by the so-called game of “light-dark”, in order to correct the strokes so no harmonics. In particular, the dark colors will be applied on large tracts, while, conversely, the light colors are used on those tight; obviously, the use of this technique changes from nose to nose, or better from form to form. That’s how:

Long nose and narrow

To harmonize this type of nose, according to, it is important to focus on eyes and eyebrows makeup your eyes with light eye shadow and lightly iridiati or metallic, in the inner corner of the eyelid, in order to create between them antiflatulent away. It is not difficult: then spinzetta eyebrows at the center, raising his tail, in this way will shorten the nose visually.
To give it a bit ‘wide, instead, use a lighter foundation of your or realizes a strobing effect at the sides of the nose.

Nose with hump

Green light for the natural beige tones, apply a very light coat of dark blush on the bridge of the nose and make full attention to your lips, do not delineate with pencil, in this way be able to camouflage the hump.

Bulbous nose

If you have a bulbous nose, typical of many people, it is important to highlight the eyebrows with a dark pencil, making a corner in the end, towards the temples. Make-up of the lips, however, draw precise lines, avoiding the soft, rounded shapes and with a powder blush sfumandolo sculpt the cheekbones just below the zigomale bone.

Big nose

In this case it is important to stake everything on the eyes, opt for a smokey eyes in shades of black or gray, then accentuates the eyebrow design on the outside, rialzandone tail. Apply the blush along the jaw playing with chiaroscuro to refine the lower volume of the face and apply the pencil and lipstick on dull and dark shades on the lips to accentuate them.

Nose with the tip of a sloping

Here, too, the focus must go on the lips, especially the upper lip, which must be drafted with a rounded pencil line, and avoid darken the tip of the nose with the Counturing technique to make it less obvious you risk looking like a creepy clown.