Makeup Without Delineated

We know that outlined is a sensitive technique that requires time and, often, that is precisely what we lack. In today’s video, Monica Vizuete, shows us how to make an ideal makeup, day to day,without delineating our eyes, simple and perfect!
1 apply the base with the sponge, and blur.
2 remove the excess makeup touches sponge across the face according to
3 we profile and fill in eyebrows.
4. we put a pre-basic of shadows.
5 use a tone clear to unify the color of the eyelid.
6. we use a warm brown pigment of transition.
7 mark the basin, a motion of V, with a darker Brown shadow.
8 apply a Gold pigment in the eyelid and push with your finger.
9 we cover with concealer dark circles area and nose fins.
10. we integrate the product with your finger.
11 we sealed with translucent powder.
12. We underline the bottom line of lashes with brown pigment.
13 we use the Golden Shadow to the tear.
14 mark subtly upper lashes with a pigment of black or dark greyline.
15 we rizamos and apply mascara.
16 we outline.
17. we use a dark coral Rouge.
18. we illuminate the upper area of the cheekbone, septum and arc of Cupid.
19 we apply a lipstick pink warm.