Male Hat, Tips for Each Type of face

Let’s post some tips to wear hats or men’s hat for every type of face! Which model or what way to use more with our faces, huh?
Let’s go to the tips now!

We have also taken some pictures to illustrate the post and inspire you a little more:
Men’s round face:
• This type of face practically forms a circle, possesses the width of the forehead and the similar chin and the most bulky, wider cheeks!
• Hats with the canopy (top) higher, with tips and firmer material (not kneading) are a good order, as they can lengthen your face.
• The flap can be wider also, giving a little more volume in the forehead region, to balance with the cheekbones.
Leonardo DiCaprio in Django, with hat with wide and open flap, with Copa more straight and not so short. The beard also helped lengthen the face.
• For caps, the same thing is worth looking for options with the top of the highest volume and more consistent (type a SnapBack or StrapBack), use the straighter flap, to give a balanced with the lines of your face. Cap back, depending on how you use it, can highlight rounded printing.
Chris Brown with a straight flap cap and taller cup.
• Both for hats, and for caps, it’s cool to avoid tilting the flap down, this will flatten your face.
Matty Mullins, lead singer of Memphis May Fire, cap back, leaning flap to the side.
Masculine square Face:
• Considered the strongest among the faces, the lines are well demarcated, mainly of the jaw, which usually has a width similar to the forehead. The lateral lines are straighter.
• According to, worth investing in a hat that gives a softened on the lines of your face, can be with shorter tab, more rounded cup.
Good example of hat with the most rounded cup to soften the straight lines of the masculine square face.
• For caps, it is worth using a more curved flap if you do not want to mark the lines of your face. Here the cap back can be a good order.
David Beckham with the cap back, the beard also helped soften the well demarcated lines of the chin.
• A slight slant to the side in the hat or the cap may be a good tip also to soften the shape.
Male triangular face:
• This type of face is characteristic of the forehead wider than the chin, as the lines descend, the face will tune.
• A hat with a larger canopy and lighter silhouette can increase the length impression of your face and balance it.
Male hat with the highest cup and shorter flap, it worked too well for example.
• Try not to abuse the size of the flap, this can make your face look thinner in the chin region, you will disappear in the hat haha
• For the Caps, same thing, try not to use one with the very wide flap, it will increase the volume in the forehead region and give the impression that your face is thinner still on the chin.
• Try not to overcome the face lines with the flap, more curved tabs can be a good option. If you like berets, it can be a good order, leaning silhouette.
• A slight slant to the sides, both in hats and caps can be a good and the cap back, back to the side as well.
Lightly tilted to the side, you can balance your face well.
Oval face:
• Feature longer than round, with forehead and chin more or less of the same width, only with less volume on the cheekbones. Ah, the chin also has more oval shaped.
• The oval shaped face is what allows you to combine the most varied styles of hat or cap, usually almost all talk well.
• If your face is too long, it is worth opting for a smaller or more straight cup hat, to give a flattened. The Pork Pie model could be a good order.
The Pork Pie model has had a gas in its popularity with the breaking Bad series, the main character Walter White (Heisenberg) frequently uses!
• Larger flap hats may be cool too, to make a volume on the forehead, for example. You can try to lean on it too, to make more volume to one side of the face.
• For caps, if your face is too long, the 5-Panel model may be a good option.
Model 5-Panel in cap, they are more shallow, thin.
Other Quick tips:
• If your face is too small, short, tilt the hat or cap down can flatten you even more, beware!
• and the contrary also, if your face is too long and you tilt the hat or cap up, it will increase the sensation in length.
• If you have a very large forehead, a thinner silhouette hat with the medium cup for small can be a good option to give a balance with the bottom of your face. Tilting the hat or cap up will highlight further your forehead, the back cap tilted too.
• Tips above the post can be combined with hair cuts, beard styles and D