MapleStory Live, Action with Touches of Role-Playing and Aesthetics in Format Pixel Offline

The MMORPG fans may remember MapleStory, a title developed by Nexon that combined colorful graphics 2D action in real time. Now, the Korean company seeks to repeat the same fate on mobile devices with an adapted version: MapleStory Live.
Under this name we are an adaptation of the original formula but with an offline format. To become a game for mobile also is a little more limited: we don’t have so many objects or classes to choose from (in particular only two) but the decision is rather logical if we consider that version for computers takes considerably more.
For those who do not know MapleStory do a brief review: it’s an action title with touches out where we will have to eliminate all kinds of enemies using weapons. In this way, we will go climbing experience and getting money which will give us access to more skills and objects. In addition, we can complete different missions to progress in the story.
Visually the adaptation is very good, and although there are some small details that could be improved, as the rate of frames in the animation, is a very attractive game. However, the melodies are quite scarce and repetitive, in part to take up lots of space is understood.
As in the PC version, the game is free although there are different payment options to make life a little easier. On the one hand have a version of 3.51 euros that offers different features: a trunk to store objects, gain experience while not playing, etc. In addition, we can buy special credits to get more additives.
It’s fun, and despite the description in Korean on Google Play, the game is translated into English. Controls respond well, and although both button can seem overwhelming when it comes to putting us on not confusing.

MapleStory Live Version 1.1.2

  • Version of Android: Since 2.2
  • Developer: NEXON Mobile
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Games