Materials For Spring 2017: Retro Style, Silver And Pink Gold

How can we complement an elegant look? With jewelry, of course! Without jewelry, no look will be complete. I’ve already talked about what’s trend this spring, to help fashionistas and fashionistas.
So, today I’m going to help jewelry designers as described in vintage accessory and I’ll talk about materials that are relevant during this spring of 2017.

1. 50’s, 80’s and 90’s:

If you follow the latest fashion trends, you will have noticed that the 50’s, 80’s and 90’s have returned.
There are two indispensable attributes of the jewelry of the 50’s and are the large brooches with semiprecious stones, and necklaces with crystals and fake diamonds.At the end of this post, I will leave a link where you will find more information about the fashion of the 50’s.
The jewelry of the 80’s was mainly made of plastic. Although jewelry made from plastic began to appear in the 60’s for the first time, it has always been a sign of bad taste among the fashion elite. Fashionistas believe that these accessories can make us look younger and even relieve some complexes. In addition, the most influential girls wore jewelry made of sequins and today this is also very popular. I will also leave a link about the fashion of the 80’s at the end of the post.
And what about the 90’s? During that time the punk-rock world quickly became a disco-pop culture, making leather accessories become something light and elegant.The designers created jewelry with synthetic fabrics, metal pendants and beads. By the way, I just realized that I have not made a post dedicated to the 90’s , so, I’ll make one very soon.

2. Combination of materials:

Based on the fact that during the spring of 2017 we are going to relive the era of the 80’s and 90’s, I can conclude that the combination of different materials will be at the peak of popularity. And to be honest, I’m really excited! So, the combination of leather and metal elements, gold and silver, beads and crystals will be somewhat different for any fashionista and designer.
The most interesting variations of this jewelry can be found in the latest collections of Balmain, Bottega Veneta, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Marni, Moschino and Alexander McQueen.
This style is more related to men’s bracelets, therefore, it will become an essential accessory in a man’s look during the spring of 2017. Leather and silver is a truly masculine combination among the materials of this season.

3. Precious Metals:

The designer’s fantasy allows him to use a wide variety of materials and as a result,silver became symbolic among the new trends for spring. The bracelets in 2017 will be made mainly of silver metals (repeating the same trend of 2016). In the warmer months, when we can wear jewelry all over the body, fine rings, chains or silver bracelets will make a great appearance. In conclusion, silver jewelry is beautiful and elegant, it makes the fashionistas look more tender and young.
The fine metal chokers of Rag & Bone or Sonya Rykiel, are a great addition to the office style. A luxurious wide gold choker from the latest Trussardi collection , will look great with an evening gown. And if you’re looking for some rock and punk, you’ll love the dark metal chokers of Gucci and Alexander McQueen . I will leave another link at the end of the post with information about the chokers for summer 2017.
Rings with rose gold have appeared more and more in rings collections with diamonds. It is a more expressive alternative to white gold and a more relaxed and elegant version of yellow gold.
If you really want to look trendy, you should pay attention to bracelets made of yellow gold decorated with precious or semi-precious stones.

4. Precious stones:

Pearls are the favorite of designers and wear them harmoniously on necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
This is the most popular jewelry with the most relevant natural stones:
– Amulets with turquoise
– Earrings with diamonds
– Pendants with amethyst
– Necklaces with aquamarine
– Bracelets with lapis lazuli
Crystals, delicate elements, ethnic adornments, metals and enamels will be represented in almost all jewelry.
Among the gemstones for jewelry from 2017, emerald is the favorite. It is best to buy a necklace of 3-4 threads with emeralds or a cocktail ring with this incredible stone.

5. Fringes:

The fringes managed to annoy some people, but many of us loved it. This style has increased in size and is perfect for making combinations that have contrast. This means that one of the most modern materials for necklaces and earrings in spring of 2017 are the threads. This material is quite simple and accessible, giving you the opportunity to create your own jewelry.

6. Jewelery with pearls:

The pearls are still in demand actively in the production of artistic jewelry and what I like the most is that the pearls are suitable for very different styles. For example, Tory Burch created large earrings with cherry design in 50’s style, while Zimmermann created a modern single-slope style to the best style of the film “The Girl of the Tattooed Dragon”.
Gucci and Chanel , as always, include pearls in their collections, but not in the form of individual beads, but in the form of long strips of pearls and sometimes they put some color. The designers offer to combine in a single look two rather large rings with black stones and white pearls. These rings are perfect for a cocktail-type outlet.

7. Materials for slopes:

Big earrings are undoubtedly the most popular accessory for this spring 2017. The best trick for modern designers is to use unusual materials; Fabrics ( Gucci and Tory Burch ), plastic ( Proenza Schouler ), enamel ( Dsquared2 ), ribbons ( No. 21 ) and sequins ( Delpozo ).

8. Artificial Flowers:

I have already spoken of this trend with an example of the Ruban brand . This is one of the most interesting trends. Salvatore Ferragamo has presented elegant wristbands with large flowers made of leather, while Loewe stylists have combined leather flowers and metal elements in a single bracelet.

9. Palette of colors:

– Red
– Orange
– All coral shades
– Light blue
– Light green
– Black and white combination