Mavala: Treatment for Nails!

You want to kill a woman? Then break her nails! Hahahahaha, no joke guys, if there’s one thing that freaks out any woman is when our uare brittle, dry lines, yellowish, with whitish. Isn’t that right girls? Aiiiii as we suffer! But there’s no way, any person who paint the nails at least 1 time per week will eventually suffer from any of these problems. The continuous use of a chemical contained in glazes and acetone reaches your nails, leaving them weak and unleashing several problems, in addition, an unbalanced diet (low in vitamins, calcium and minerals) can further speed up this process, undermining seriously the nail health.
I, for example, had the péssimooo habit of biting your nails until I was 17 years old (not that long ago!), so the poor never grew strong. Oh when I thought they were a nice size, always broke. To ease the problem and put an end to the mania of nail-biting, I started doing the Scrooge every week.Result? I stopped biting (about time!), but they remained weak. It was then that the dear reader of the Luxury feeling, Larissa Maia, told us about the MAVALA, a Swiss company reference in treatments for nails, hands and feet according to CARSWERS, and so I went to São Paulo, SP, Brazil didn’t lose time and ran behind the miracle produtinhos! Brought to me and Rachel and we two amaaaamos the result, so we decided to indicate here on the blog!