Megatendência: Mix Jeans E Sarjas

Classics in the wardrobe of anyone, are pieces that prioritize the comfort and versatility to create looks full of information. The mix jeans and twill arrived with full force and bring a universe of possibilities.
The pieces come in different tones, which guarantees greater practicality when choosing the second piece. Jeans are wild in the productions, and the twill is also gaining its space by the versatility to create visual more sophisticated, relaxed and also casual.

The Power Of The Mix In The Street Style Of The Fashion World

Fabrics have come a long way in the last weeks of fashion in street style styles.Productions that are flashy and full of information have gained good clicks. The blend of fabrics brings a new concept and more than ever the twill is being considered the new jeans of today, reported by A2ZGOV.
We could see many pieces in twill with applications of patches, embroidery and stones, a trend that until then was strong in jeans. The colors also attracted a lot of attention, the military appeared a lot, indigo blue, brown, white and the classic khaki.

The Combination Of The Moment: Jeans+Sarja

Why not bet on the combination of the two fabrics? That’s what we saw a lot in the last weeks of fashion. Bets ranging from jeans overalls with twill jackets to destroyed jeans+twill waistcoat.
We also saw softer, more discreet combinations like cream jeans with folded bar, white blouse and ice twill jacket. The combinations go beyond always maintaining a pattern where the pieces are contrasted in the look.
And there are no rules in the combinations, you can combine jeans with colored twill that has no mistake. Autumn/winter will bring pieces in twill in more earthy tones and the darker jeans will be strong bet, you can think of several combinations with these tones.
And since the applications are still up, also bet on parts with patches, written applications and embroidery. The idea is to dare and use a lot of creativity to enjoy everything from the best that these fashion pieces have to offer us. And you, will bet on the mix jeans and twill? Tell us!