Mens Summer Shirts Short Sleeve

Spring is the season of blooming flowers and fresh colors, so do not hesitate to bring color into your wardrobe. The only rule to which must be adhered to is the base color is white. Otherwise shirt will be too dark for the season. We recommend a pale purple, light blue, all shades of pink even yellow.

Here you can find your suitable shirt that will refresh your day. The colored stripes are also a good choice for spring. Unlike the box stripes is not as strict and is – as a universal right. Pomislete of purple, green, blue as possible shades of stripes. Subject matter very suitable hand-woven fabrics, because – well retain heat. But if you live in – warmer climes nothing prevents wear and 100% cotton and linen even.
There are wonderful shirts and summer heat, but there are also ones that you should avoid during the summer. These are the shirts in dark colors for more comfort choose a shirt in lighter shade. No need to wear clean white shirt every day, but it is advisable to have a few striped shirts with white base. White shirt with beige stripes would look good in the office and beyond. Shirt with short sleeves is a great choice for summer. Add to monochrome shirt pockets and epaulets, and to give more style. However, remember that shirt with short sleeves is suitable for informal environment, if it is a formal event best – to wear long-sleeved shirt and sleeves rolled up after the official part. The most popular fabrics are cotton, linen and silk because they allow ventilation of the body. These are light and airy fabrics. Especially white linen shirts are ideal for heat because they reflect sunlight. The only downside of this matter is that crushing on – easier than cotton. The shirt is an integral part of the wardrobe of every man it will always look stylish.