Men's T-Shirt to Work: 4 Nominations of Templates to Work

Talk TIME, everything okay with you?:) OOPS, bora of Inspiration today again? Bora, huh! Taking the subject of the last video on Male channel, which was about men’s Shoes to work, today still in the same line and nominate 4 models of men’s Shirts to work, so we break a bit of formality, but without lose the style aligned to work routine. Just access the post below to be inspired and get their tips, closed? GO \o
Men’s T-shirt to work! How about we change the Shirt for the day to day, huh? A lot of people don’t have to go to work with the Social Full Costume, you can make a mixture with more casual Pieces, which opens a door well Great to use your shirt as an option, right? Right!
And how about a T-shirt model more aligned? To compose the famous Male Casual work Look? A good idea, huh? Well, I’ve separated 4 t-shirt Templates below that can come in very well inmenswear for more casual Work, more Casual, bora inspiration in particular team?
01) Men’s Henley Shirt
Henley shirt is characterized by having this row of buttons on the collar, but without “collar”, she is not equal to a Polo Shirt! The model can be either short sleeve, long sleeve 3/4 Sleeve, as also and is a great option to replace a shirt in a Masculine Look to work, breaking down the formality, but keeping the Visual line.
02) Jersey T-Shirt Men
With sports DNA, too tied to Baseball, the Jersey T-shirt, open with buttons, appears well too as an option to compose the work clothes Casual Male, pro day. The models produced in cotton, more smooth and neutral, have a shape more aligned and can be very well in combination with a pair of Jeans, a pair of Tailoring or Denim shorts even more aligned, how about?
03) T-Shirt With Pocket
And a shirt with Pocket. Fine? Ô if you will! haha so much with a Printed Pocket, including focus, as well as with the flat Pocket, just creating in visual detail and lining up a little more, our Basic T-shirt. You can use pro men’s Casual Look of a quiet Job, huh?
04) Shirt Inside The Pants And to close the nominations today, is not a model but a Usability for our T-shirt: put it on the inside of the pants. Yes, mixed with a more Social footprint pants, a Blazer or even a custom, the shirt into the Pants break the formality in the substitution of the shirt and maintains an optimal level of chance pro day to day Work, Jeez!